Tennis Racquet Review: Head Youtek IG Extreme S 2.0

February 4th, 2013

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Head IG Extreme S 2.0

The Head IG Extreme S 2.0 is the lightest version of the entire YouTek Extreme IG 2.0 series weighing in at 11.4 ounces. It is an oversized racquet with a 107 square inch head size. This Head racquet is composed of d3o technology enabling it to adapt to your strokes.  Designed with Innegra, the lightest high performance fiber, the Head IG Extreme S 2.0 absorbs shock while creating more stability.  The string pattern is 16 main and 19 crosses and is able to be strung between 50 to 60 pounds. The sleek look of the racquet makes it even more appealing as it has more space vibe to it and is tinted black with bright yellow around the top.  I felt that it was an extension of my arm and I did not have to think about accelerating my strokes for head speed. My only complaint is that I would have wanted more mass for that extra power.  I would consider this Head racquet to be built for 3.0 to 4.5 levels and for intermediate players.

Rating:  Excellent 10     Moderate 5   Weak 0

Overall: 7/10

Feel/Touch 8/10: I felt the racquet was very light; it had a larger sweet spot and had a nice round feel as I was hitting soft shots.

Balance 7/10: The Head Youtek Extreme IG 2.0 racquet weight was balanced but felt way lighter at the head.  Stability can be a problem if you miss the sweet spot.

Maneuverability 9/10: Excellent to maneuver, it was light enough but also had moderate power and more control at the net.

Flexibility 7/10:  I felt that the Extreme IG 2.0 S racquet was moderately flexible, not too rigid.

Power 6/10: The power for the Head Extreme is average to moderate.

Spin 7/10:  I felt that it gave me the slices, topspins and flats that I required.  All the spins had good enough depth but I do wish it had more heaviness.

Strokes 9/10:  Good racquet for rallies, maneuverability is key, but not a lot of power.

Serves 7/10:  It is good for placement, flat and slice serves. It can be a good racquet for doubles players.

Volleys 8/10:  Good racquet for volleys.  The oversized head and lighter weight allowed for faster reflexes at the net and hit controlled volleys.