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Head YOUTEK IG Speed MP 315 (16x19) Tennis Racquet Review

May 14th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Head YOUTEK IG Speed MP 315 (16x19)


- This racquet is flat-out gorgeous in my opinion.  Head kept this racquet classy yet flashy and the clear bumper is an awesome touch.  The beam is relatively thin (20mm) and the racquet felt quick and whippy.  The weight felt in the standard MP range of around 11.5 oz realm and it seemed very maneuverable.

- This racquet was not very forgiving. You had to pin point your impact upon hitting with the YOUTEK IG Speed MP 315.  At 100 sq inches, it's sweet spot seemed small for me but when I did, man did this thing hit some sweet shots.  Lots of topspin and you could spar with anyone it felt like with this stick.  Granted you needed to really hone your skills and focus in order to maximize the capabilities of of this particular IG Speed but when you did it felt like a finely-tuned precision instrument.  It felt like it could be a Ferrari amongst Hondas if used right.  Backhands were reliable and the 16x19 like my one-handed motion.  I could hit backhanded toppers and mix in shooting slices and it felt stable and maneuverable (320 swing weight) all the while.  I would gander that most with a two handed back hand may want to look at the IG Speed MP 18x20 as well before pulling the trigger on one.

- Volleys were lively with this racquet,  Head's YOUTEK technology makes volleying fun and rewarding due to the certain feel you get when putting away a ball at the net, and this racquet is no exception.  I also like the slightly extra length in the MP 16x19.  It comes in at 27.2 inches, .2 inches longer than it's sibling the MP 18x20.  The stiffness showed in punching volleys, rated at 65.  And it's balance (6 points head-light) provided some nice leverage for putting away balls.

- Serving was decent with the MP 16x19.  It didn't really shine, nor did it disappoint.  The extra length took me a little bit longer to get used to.  When cleanly connected with, the YOUTEK technology allows the ball to explode off the string bed without barely feeling a thing.  Second serves were reliable as well.
- Returning serves was awesome.  The racquet feels quick in your hand and if hit cleanly, returns proved lethal.  The stability of this racquet shined, however you have to hit very cleanly to access that stability.  Keep that in mind.

- A radical racquet intended for a radical style of game.  If you are confident in your strike zone and want to wack big shots for dominant winners this racquet may be for you.  If you have a conservative, defensive game then this racquet may not be suited for you style.  The IG Speed MP beckons to be “opened up” full throttle and harnessed while taking risks.  It's a high performance racquet that is offensively minded.  If that sounds like you, give both MPs a whirl.