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HOPE Series of Wilson Tennis Bags – Support Breast Cancer Research With Each Purchase

November 6th, 2011

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Wilson Hope Triple Tennis Bag

Wilson Hope Tennis Tote

Wilson Hope Tennis Backpack

As the month of October comes to a close, many of us recall reminders of the lives lost to breast cancer and saved in spite of it. Although the arrival of November means the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are still many ways to support breast cancer research. One such way is the purchase of one of the HOPE line of Wilson tennis bags.

Wilson will donate $100,000 plus 1% of the purchase price of any HOPE tennis bag to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation each year. If you are in the market for a new bag to store your gear, this is a great way to support a worthy cause.

The HOPE line of Wilson tennis bags consists of three tennis bags that are pink and that store 2-3 racquets: a tote, a backpack and an enclosed bag called the Triple.

The backpack is a great option for bringing your racquets to school to play after classes let out for the day or if you spend a lot of time on a bicycle. It has a racquet compartment that can store two racquets and other compartments for clothing, books or small accessories.

The tote is designed for a more fashionable look. Like the backpack, this bag stores only two racquets, but it also can be used as a purse. It's not as roomy as the backpack, so it's not the best choice for maximum storage.

The Triple has the most storage in the HOPE line of Wilson tennis bags, with room for up to three racquets in one compartment with a large side pocket for accessories. Since the racquets fit entirely inside the bag, you can use it for air travel or put it in a car trunk.

Breast cancer research is an ongoing process not limited to the month of October. The HOPE line of Wilson tennis bags allows those shopping for a new bag the option of supporting a worthy cause, regardless of what time of year it is.


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