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How to Pick a Tennis Racquet and String

February 26th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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How to Pick a Tennis Racquet and StringThe tennis racquet is one of the most important things in the game of tennis. You literally can’t play without one. But, how do you know what type you need based on your personal playing level and style? There are many variables to consider when picking a tennis racquet.  The best way to do this would be visiting a tennis shop that has a demo program so that you can test out different options. If your local to us, don’t forget Do It Tennis has a demo program. Or you can always talk to a tennis pro or coach to help narrow down a tennis racquet to meet your needs.

Before doing this here are some preliminary elements to take into consideration when choosing the perfect racquet. Head size, grip size, length and weight are all factors to consider with the actual tennis racquet. A couple other factors related to the racquet’s string are the string type and tension. Let’s start with the factors for the racquet itself-

Choosing a Racquet

Head tennis racquet
Head size- An inexperienced player may want a tennis racquet with a larger head size to make for an easier time hitting into the sweet spot and give more power and spin. A more experienced player can get away with a midsized racquet head but will require more power from the player.

Grip size can also help or hinder your tennis game. Ensure that the grip of your racquet isn’t too big or too small by wrapping your hand around the handle and if there is a finger space between your palm and fingertips you have the correct size. If it’s fit too tightly, you need a bigger size. If the gap is too big you need a smaller size. Pretty simple there.

Weight of the racquet can be more of a personal preference. You must decide whether you want a handle heavy racquet or a head heavy racquet. A head heavy racquet will feel more stable and give more power. A handle heavy/ head light tennis racquet will reduce vibration and make for a faster swing. There are also tennis racquets that are evenly balanced that will give you the best of both worlds.

Length - You may also opt for a longer racquet for more leverage, but that also depends on your style of play.

Price & Brand - Once you have established what traits are important to you in a tennis racquet you can decide on the brand and the price.  Every brand will have racquets that vary in price, from junior racquets to adult racquets. If you are only a beginner or play very occasionally you can get away with a less expensive racquet that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. If you are on the court often I highly recommend investing in a higher-quality racquet. While it may have a slightly higher price tag, a high-quality tennis racquet will not only last longer, it will also perform better.

Lastly you should top off your new racquet with a fresh string job.

Choosing the Right String

Head tennis string

You can decide on what tennis string you want, and there are many options available. Here is a brief breakdown of the more popular string types.

Synthetic string is a more basic string, ideal for the beginner and is also less costly.

Multifilament string is best for players concerned with feel and comfort.

Polyester string can improve spin capabilities, and has better durability.

Natural gut string offers some comfort, and the tension holds up better which means you may not have to restring it as much.

Tension - Once you decide on a string you need to pick a tension. Usually the recommended range will be on the tennis racquet, unless of course there’s a specific tension of your choice. Just remember, higher tension offers more control and lower tension offers more power.

Now that you have picked out the features you find important and comfortable in a tennis racquet, you can finally enjoy the racquet that is perfect for you.  Head over to for a wide selection of tennis racquets and strings, sure to keep you on your best game. Don’t forget we’ll string your racquets for your, so give us a call or come on into the shop if you have any questions.