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Installing a tennis net

August 15th, 2011

filed in Tennis How To

installing a tennis net

For those of you who are looking into getting a new tennis net for your home court, community court or local high school court, make sure you watch a video on how to install a net.

The whole process may look easy. Unhook this, pull this down, swing this over here and your done…not so fast.

Installing a tennis net is a least a 2 person job. The first road block will be getting the original tennis net off the posts.  This is usually a pain because the net has been there for a couple of years (or even longer) so it will be locked in pretty good.  Once you get the old tennis net unhooked and off the posts, it's time to install the new net. Usually, the hooking into the post and cranking it up is relatively painless.

The struggle starts when you need to tie the ends of the nets so that they are up close to the posts. The net will come with extra rope, it's just takes a little extra time to weave it in and out of the net and around the posts.

Once you get that part done, you are home free. Add your center strap in the middle of the net. Then, stand back and enjoy your great looking new tennis net.