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Jet First Love Signature Line Small Sling women’s tennis bag review

June 30th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Jet First Love Signature

I just bought the First Love Jet Pac tennis bag from Do It Tennis and I love it. I wasn’t really expecting this much of a bag for how little I paid. My friends have not stopped talking about how cute it is since two weekends ago when we had girl’s day at the court.

So, not only does this bag hold my racquet, but the website said it would hold two, so I borrowed my friend’s racquet and it fit as well. The racquet pocket opens up on the side so taking two racquets out is not a problem. The little zipper pull even has a button clasp to secure it in place so my racquets won’t fall out if the zipper slips down. But I don’t think that is going to happen because the zippers all seem to be of good quality.

There are so many pockets in this bag that I have to carry more stuff just to fill them all. The front pocket of the First Love Jet Pac tennis bag, has a pen holder and some credit card sleeves, which I really don’t use, but my friend suggested I use it for business cards.

The inside of the bag has three ball tube pockets. I don’t ever carry that many tennis balls, but I do drink that much water. The pockets on the inside aren’t insulated, but the side water bottle pocket on the outside is and it is deep enough that the whole bottle fits down in it.   My water really did stay cool.

The back of the bag has two more pockets that are perfect for a few magazines and my usual stack of random papers. The cell phone pocket on the sling strap not only clips, but has a magnetic clasp on the bottom so it’s not swinging around obnoxiously while I’m walking.

There are a few random hooks and loops on the back of the bag that I’m not quite sure about, but I know that one of them is so the strap can be worn on either shoulder, depending on my mood, of course.

The fence hook is amazing and it even has its own little pocket so it tucks away when I’m walking and it turns out the little pocket is a perfect, and safe, place for my keys when I’ve got it hooked on the fence.

The material is a nice thick nylon and the embroidered “life is tennis” slogan is cute. The little sparkly bedazzle beads in the shape of a heart are pretty and they seem to be on there pretty good.

The whole bag seems to be well made. I am a very happy customer and love my Jet First Love Signature, and I have a feeling a few of my friends are going to be right behind me.