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K- Swiss Tennis Shoes Viral Ad

August 22nd, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews, Tennis News, Tennis Lifestyle


Without a doubt, the new viral advertising campaign video for K-Swiss tennis shoes leaps outside of the box.  Actor Danny McBride portrays the new (fictitious) K-Swiss CEO, Kenny Powers. The viral video is quite bold and daring and manages to attract the young male athlete. It features terrorists, transformers and plenty of foul language but the explicit advertisement fails to immediately communicate just what exactly are the benefits of this new brand of K-Swiss tennis shoes.
Due to its graphic violence, the campaign is taking a great risk. But there are other setbacks. The video does not feature more than one woman and makes no reference to women’s tennis shoes, which is rather surprising since a large number of women purchase tennis shoes.  It is also quite long, not to mention scattered and difficult to follow.  
After watching the entire video, I do not know how the “tubes” are different from other brand –name men’s tennis shoes. However, Kenny Powers’ viral video has become a genuine hit. Since it is on YouTube, it gets away with graphic content and language – something that can never be done on traditional media such as television, radio and newspapers.