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K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Tennis Shoe Review

October 1st, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews
If you are a K-Swiss fan then you are sure to like the women’s Hypercourt tennis shoes. The Hypercourts are a twist on K-Swiss’ classic tennis shoes and offer a stable and supportive platform on which you can play some aggressive tennis.

The fit of these tennis shoes is true to size with a medium width that won’t require much break-in. They have a lower arch support so they should fit comfortably for most tennis players. If you personally have a higher arch in your feet, you might want to add an insole.

The K-Swiss women’s Hypercourt tennis shoes have a few different materials in the upper. K-Swiss made them with a comfortable canvas material, and added a durawrap protective material in the high-wear areas of these tennis shoes. They are both breathable and durable. There is also a comfy heel collar that grips to the back of your heel and keeps your feet from slipping out while also cutting down on excess rubbing.

The upper isn’t the only durable part of these K-Swiss tennis shoes. The outsoles have the Aosta 7.0 material with a herringbone tread that will grip the court with some extra stickiness, but also allow you to slip when you need it.

These women’s tennis shoes from K-Swiss will give you both a comfortable and stable feel while making all kinds of movements on the tennis court. Because of its lower profile you will feel one with the ground. At the same time, you will also enjoy the plush cushioning that will absorb the shock from the court. The K-Swiss Hypercourts have a midfoot shank that will keep your feet in place and keep your shoes from twisting.

The K-Swiss Hypercourt tennis shoes have been given a facelift, too. They have the classic K-Swiss stripes and a smooth and clean looking upper. The lacing system is different than other tennis shoes. These have a D-ring lacing system, as opposed to the eye-lit style. The D-ring helps your feet feel locked-in nice and tight, and the laces themselves are actually stay-tied laces.

These K-Swiss tennis shoes will make a perfect edition to your collection, and will bring some comfort and control to your tennis game.

If you want to know more or you’re curious if you’d like these K-Swiss Hypercourt tennis shoes, check out our video review or swing by the shop to try them on!