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Large Selection of Tennis Bags for Women

August 29th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis News

Jet tennis bags

Many athletic products designed for women have only slight differences than the same product designed for men. A woman's tennis shoe model, for example, is typically no different than the equivalent man's model, other than in size or color. This similarity does not apply however, when it comes to tennis bags for women.

Unlike other athletic products where the woman's version is simply a slight variation from the men's version, the marketplace for tennis bags for women is its own separate domain. These bags are designed with style in mind, yet still functional enough for practical use.

Tennis bags for women fall into the following classes: totes, backpacks and pulley bags.

From a fashion standpoint, the high end of tennis bags for women are found in the totes models. Cortiglia makes several stylish tote models at their facilities in Italy with prices in the $400-600 range.

Court Couture, Cherrie T and 40 Love Courture provide a variety of colors and styles of totes in the $200 range. Maggie Mather, Whak Sak and Jet supply totes in the $70-100 range. The lower end of the tote market includes models like Wilson's Hope Tennis Tote for around $40.

Totes usually provide compartments with enough room for two rackets with some space for clothing, towels or accessories.

Backpacks are the second class of tennis bags for women, both in terms of size and price range. You may never find a bag brand with more styles to choose from than the backpacks made by 40 Love Courture. With patterns like houndstooth and bamboo as well as croc styles that come in numerous colors, fashion conscious women have many options in the $200 range.

These bags are also practical with room for two rackets as well as small personal items like cell phones, keys, water bottles and lipstick.

Court Couture's Barcelona series of bags are a stylish choice in the $150 range that come in several different colors and patterns and hold up to three rackets.

Other fashionable tennis bags for women in the backpack class include models made by Whak Sak and Jet tennis bags.

The pulley style of tennis bags for women are well suited for travel or for those who need to carry more gear with them to the court without giving up style.

The Jet Trolley Bags come in the Romeo and Juliet, Aloha and Vintage styles and sell in the $100 price range. These bags are like larger backpacks with wheels and make carrying your gear less tiring.

Jet also provides a line of trolley bags in the $70 price range that come in a variety of floral and striped patterns. These bags have the same ease in mobility and transporting as the other Jet models, but at a slightly more affordable price.

The overall selection of tennis bags for women does not allow you to have your cake and eat it too when choosing between more technical and functional bags versus the more stylish bags. If you need to bring 10 rackets with you for your next tournament, there are not really any options in the various tennis bags for women mentioned earlier. For example, you won't find a 12 racket bag that has the Italian hand crafted style like the Cortiglia line.

The one common denominator in the various aforementioned lines of tennis bags for women is style. Technically designed  bags simply do not meet the needs or preferences of many women tennis players. The marketplace for tennis gear and equipment recognized this demand and responded by creating an entirely separate industry: providing fashionable and stylish tennis bags for women.