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Makin’ a Racket About My Tennis Racquet

September 10th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews, Tennis Lifestyle

Tennis Racquets

When I was a novice player taking lessons in college, my first racquet was actually a gift. Let me rephrase that; it was more of a hand-me-down. But hey, I thought it was so cool, my first tennis racquet. That was in 1998 and they have come a long way, even since then. I still have that ol’ thing and have used it as a benchmark when reviewing or shopping for others up until the latest and greatest left my little guy in the dust.

There is so much to consider when purchasing just the right one. Not having the opportunity to shop for one back then, I worked with what I had. It was enjoyable and afforded me some great games.

But now, I almost liken it to purchasing a car where that weapon of fun needs to fit you just right. Comfort is key. The grip needs to feel good and the size needs to meet your ability level. But most importantly, in order to have a successful, enjoyable game, you want one that will allow you the maximum control giving you the ability to hit that magical sweetspot. There is nothing better than a good rally out on the tennis court.

If we were to pick apart this court instrument from top to bottom, you would find its anatomy to be truly simplistic in form. There aren’t that many parts that make up this particular sports implement, yet in its entirety it is powerful enough to send a tennis ball flying 150+mph upon contact.

When selecting yours, you have the luxury of customizing it by having it strung to your specifications. What for? This is for durability and resilience. You may need to experiment with various kinds of string to see what works best for you and your game. Generally, the tighter the string, the more control.  Looser strings seem to propel the ball farther. Kevlar is also a common component in some strings which can produce a more stiff play.Tennis racquets have their own kind of “bling”. While no bedazzled jewels may be found on its critical parts, you can find an array of colored frames available, as well as colored strings and racquet dampenersI found the vibration dampeners in many colors. Those vibration dampeners come in handy if you are annoyed by that sound the ball makes upon contact with the racquet’s face. You are able to “fine tune” that sound. Just the other day I saw a darling dampener in the shape of a daisy flower.

For my favorite bling product, you can select something whimsical for the replacement butt cap that fits nicely on the bottom of the handle. I saw a round, yellow happy face replacement butt. Too cute.

Once you have researched and discovered that perfect armament for jeu du paume, look forward to some fun times and good games. By the way, that old tennis racquet I was bequeathed was a Spalding Aerosmasher. I recall I had a fellow tennis player in college offer to regrip the handle for me for five bucks. From one starving college student to another, I took him up on his offer. That old racquet lasted a long time and to this day hangs in my shed to bring me some great memories of the game.


Dee Adams, who majored in Business, is a freelance writer from San Diego, CA who enjoys covering topics on sports, health and all around good living. Being a tennis enthusiast since 1998 has paved the road for her to embrace the sport that is fun to play and watch.