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My Trip to the U.S. Open: Babolat Tennis Bag Style

September 25th, 2012

filed in Tennis News, Tennis Lifestyle

Babolat Tennis Bags

Like my visor? I got it at the U.S. Open.  Now I know what you’re thinking, dogs are not allowed at the U.S. Open; why do you think I traveled in this Babolat tennis bag?! It pays to be small… and powerful. Besides, I figured if Pierre Djokovic can hitch a ride on his human’s coat tails and go to Wimbledon, I might as well give it a shot, right? Good news, it worked!!

Since I was traveling incognito, I was told to keep quiet and stay under the radar; I’m not quite sure what radar is but I wasn’t about to stay under anything. Once I got a glimpse of that bright yellow, fuzzy ball going back and forth on that grassy looking square below; it was heads up, ears straight and eyes wide open all the way! Boy, I sure would have liked a bite of that one! I digress.

And the winner is!

  Tennis Bags

Back to the Open; it was awesome! I really wanted to meet Pierre but our seats weren’t quite that close to the action. Note to human for next year.

Keeping your eye on the ball wasn’t always easy, one time Andy Murray’s serve was clocked at 132 miles per hour! Now, I’m fast and powerful, did I mention I was powerful? But not even I can catch a ball racing through the air at 132 miles per hour; I’ll bet Pierre could catch it though, my hero, and Novak Djokovic sure caught it and sent it right back– a lot!

Andy Murray was the Grand Slam winner of the U.S. Open this year, beating Novak Djokovic in the men’s singles. It was Murray’s first Grand Slam singles title in his fifth attempt against an opponent holding five Grand Slam singles titles; and from the way everyone was on their feet and cheering, I’m guessing that is a very big thing. It’s hard to see when they do that though, “down in front!!”

Did you know that by winning that day Murray also became the first British man to win a major title since Fred Perry won the US Championships in 1936? Now that’s something to bark about!

Get your howl on for the divas!

Serena Williams beat No.1 ranked Victoria Azarenk in the women’s singles to win her fourth U.S. Open and fifteenth Grand Slam title. Adding that to her Wimbledon championship and two Olympic gold medal wins this year, makes Williams top dog in my book! Serena’s fastest serve clocked in at 125 miles per hour and what I really like about her is she bounces the tennis ball five times before her first serve, five times! I looked like a bobble-head watching that ball. Climbing into that Babolat tennis bag and going to the U.S. Open was one of the best assignments this undercover reporter has ever had. But, you know what the best part about going to a tennis match is– LOVE – they are always talking about love, something we dogs invented.


Suzi Martel, founder of 'In Suzi’s Words’, is a freelance lifestyle writer from Southern California who has a passion for writing informative and entertaining copy on a variety of topics such as tennis, healthy living, and caring for others. This post was co-authored by undercover reporter Chica.