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Picking Up Tennis Balls Just Got Easier: Review of Ball Hoppers and Mowers!

October 27th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Picking up tennis balls on the court is no small task, but now it can be!You may have seen our recent tennis court equipment review. We decided to follow up with another one specifically about using court equipment to pick up balls so you can use your time more wisely. There are different types of tennis ball hoppers for different needs and scenarios. We’ve reviewed different types of ball hoppers and tennis ball mowers below, including their features and purposes, and who might most benefit from them.

1) Gamma Ball Tube 18 Ball Hopper: The Gamma Ball Tube 18 tennis ball hopper makes for easy court cleanup if you aren’t using many tennis balls. It can hold up to 18 balls and is very easy to maneuver on the tennis court. You don’t even have to bend over to pick up the tennis ball. You just place the tube over the ball and keep going until you have used up the space in the tube. When you’re done with it, just hang it on the fence and grab balls from it when you need to. This is most-suitable for tennis players who aren’t using many balls during practice and just need a little help bending over to pick up balls.

2) Hoag 72 Ball Basket: This basket not only stores the tennis balls but also picks them up. You can squeeze up to 72 tennis balls in the Hoag 72 Ball Basket.  Just place the basket over the ball and use pressure to pop the ball into the basket. When you’re done picking up the balls, prop up the basket and you’re ready to play. It’s even able to be stored in your car or other compact spaces by taking the arms out of it. This option is suitable for more frequent tennis players and even coaches.

3) Gamma EZ Travel Cart 150 Ball Hopper: Travel with ease with the Gamma EZ Travel Ball Cart. It’s lightweight and equipped with wheels, which make it easy to lug around the 150 tennis balls it holds. It can fold up compact and even has its own storage bag. The tennis balls go in a removable ball bag that also clips into place on the ball cart.  Enough capacity for a serious tennis player and it’s very convenient for tennis pros and coaches who need to take their cart to multiple locations.

4) Hoag Deluxe Ball Mower: Lastly, the Hoag Deluxe Ball Mower is a high-capacity option perfect for tennis clubs or coaches with multiple students. It can hold up to 300 tennis balls and weighs less than 40 pounds. It moves extremely easily on the tennis court and even scoops up the hard-to-get balls along the fence line. Easily pick up all of the tennis balls on the court in one swoop.

Ball hoppers, mowers and carts can make the life of a tennis player much easier.These court equipment let you focus more on your skills, technique and game, and less on cleaning up. Easily pick up numerous tennis balls and get back to playing tennis quickly. Shop our wide selection of tennis ball hoppers and spend more time doing what matters on the court!