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Prince EX03 Rebel 12-Pack Tennis Bag Review

July 26th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Prince EX03 Rebel 12-Pack

My husband and I are both avid tennis players with plenty of tennis gear so I needed a large tennis bag. The salesperson at Do It Tennis showed me a few bags but the one that stood out was the sharp-looking yellow and black Prince EX03 Rebel 12 Pack tennis bag. She told me the bag can hold up to 12 racquets but since we don’t carry that many racquets, I knew the extra space would come in handy for both of our clothing articles and miscellaneous items.

Let me just say that this tennis bag is quite sturdy but lightweight and very comfortable to carry. There is a middle grab double-handle and adjustable shoulder straps but I prefer to just grab it like a duffle bag& and put it in our SUV.; With the three large compartments, I can fit so much stuff inside. I easily fit both of our racquets and there is plenty of space left for our extra shoes, clothing, tennis balls and other small items like our wallets, keys, jewelry and toiletries. I can also toss some towels inside the bag.

The netted pockets are great and make for easy organizing and security. I have always trusted the Prince brand-name merchandise to be reliable and long-lasting and so far, I have not been disappointed with this tennis bag.

Since my husband and I travel throughout Southern California and stop at various tennis courts, this bag has served our needs perfectly.The Prince EX03 Rebel 12 Pack tennis bag just has so much space which makes it that much easier for us to transport our tennis belongings. It is my mini-suitcase and I don’t leave home without it.