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Prince Men’s Tennis Shoes: NFS Viper VII Mid

February 12th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Prince Men’s Tennis Shoes: NFS Viper VII Mid

Old school becomes new school with the Prince Men’s NFS Viper Mid tennis shoe. Prince puts a new spin on an old-favorite style of tennis shoe. The mid-style tennis shoes are popular for their extra ankle support and cushioning, and Prince has revived them. This was a smart move for Prince to make the mid-top tennis shoe because it’s the only one on the market, and is highly sought after by many avid tennis players.

The Prince Men’s NFS Viper VII Mid tennis shoes have breathable and well-constructed leather, designed with plenty of cushion and support. The ankle cushion comes up higher than traditional tennis shoes and reinforces the ankle, providing security and added stability. Needless to say, this tennis shoe is perfect for the tennis player who rolls their ankles a lot. The midsole provides a shock absorbent cushion reducing much of the impact on your joints. In addition to supporting your body’s endurance and durability, this tennis shoe is going to last on the courts since its outsole is made of the PRC 1000 rubber. This material is highly-durable and abrasive resistant, and has great traction, to boot. One of the nice under-known features is in the insole. The insole provides odor and fungus protection, even for the sweatiest of feet. One thing to be aware of is that the arch-depth is on the lower side, so if you have high-arches you might consider wearing an insole to fill in any gaps of support.

You will feel confident on any court surface in this shoe, especially because of the mid-rise ankle support. Despite all the added comfort, this tennis shoe requires very little break-in and you can work out in them right out of the box. It’s also backed by their 6-month durability guarantee.

This tennis shoe comes in classic white with a black Prince logo. Admittedly, it’s not the best looking shoe, but here, the comfort definitely outweighs the style.

I can see a tennis player who has extra cushion, support and stability needs living in these tennis shoes. With all the added cushion and plushness, this pair of shoes does weigh in at a whopping 16.7 ounces. The added weight may be quite cumbersome for tennis players who have quick feet since it lacks the flexibility of a lighter-weight shoe. However, for the type of player this tennis shoe appeals to the weight doesn’t really matter.

This shoe is ideal for someone who values support and durability in a tennis shoe. With the Prince Men’s NFS Viper VII Mid tennis shoes you get a high-top style for a low price. They can be all yours for only $89 and you can find them at Do It Tennis.