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Tennis Racquet Preview: Prince Warrior and Lightning

February 16th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Prince Warrior and Lightning Tennis Racquet Preview

The first few months of every year is always exciting, and not just because the season starts back up! It is the time of year tennis racquet manufacturers release new tennis racquets! Prince has come out with a few new racquets and we have the scoop on what to love about them.

The Prince Warrior Series

Prince released new 2016 versions of their popular Warrior performance racquets that are reinforced with Textreme materials. Textreme is light weight, stiffer and stronger, and has a good feel and control.

The Warrior 100

The new Prince Warrior 100 has the same speedy and precise feeling that the previous model has but has gained a more solid beam to help with accuracy and control. It is really easy to maneuver and will give you the spin you crave.

The Warrior 100T

The Prince Warrior 100T is in between the Prince Warrior 100 and the Prince Warrior 100L tennis racquet. It is ideal for beginner and intermediate players who want speed and spin that is easy to control. It doesn’t provide too much power so you can hit with speed. It will also feel stable in your hands because of its reinforced throat.

The Warrior 100L

The Prince Warrior 100L is the lightest in the Warrior family and offers great maneuverability for people looking to hit with power and speed and really harness spin. Its light weight will actually feel nice and solid because of its head heavy design. It will feel nice and solid in your hands and will help you to really feel in control at the net and baseline. It won’t twist or make unwanted movements in your hand while playing aggressively and you can perfect your placement.

The Prince Lighting Series

Prince has also come out with the all new Prince Lightning recreational racquet line. It replaces the Thunder line that was popular in the late 90’s

Prince Lightning 100

The Prince Lightning 100 is less than 11 ounces and has a good amount of stability as well as a reinforced head heavy design.  This racquet is on the firm side but plays comfortably. It uses the sweet spot expansion system which helps absorb shock and makes for a more playable surface. It has a 100 square inch head size and a 16x19 string pattern that will provide bite. This racquet is nice and speedy and great for players who are aggressive.

Prince Lightning 105

The Prince Lightning 105 is slightly longer and is light and speedy.  It has a 105 head size and has the sweet spot extension system and a 16X 19 string pattern to help control your power. The longer length will help with serves.

Prince Lightning 110

The Prince Lightning 110 has the biggest head size of the Lighting family at 110 square inches. The larger head size will help to always find contact with the ball and makes more room for error. This racquet feels stable and quick and can give plenty of spin depending how you use it.

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