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Prince’s o3 ports pushed the racquet technology to a whole new level

September 5th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Prince o3

When Prince came out with the o3 racquets a few years ago, many people were very skeptical because to have such big holes in a racquet just does not look right.  However, this technology made playing tennis that much more fun. 

The O ports were one of the few technologies that actually worked.  Many of the technologies that racquet companies come out with are generally not very revolutionary.  The Prince o3 technology was not one of those. 

The O ports actually increased the sweet spot on the racquet.  Generally, you need to hit the ball right in the middle to make it feel great.  However, with the O port technology, the sweetspot increased as much as 30%.  This was huge and a lot of tennis players really liked the feel of these racquets.  The other thing that was so great about the O ports was that the professional tennis players were using these racquets. 

I have always said that I do not think that most of the top players change their racquets.  They might change the paint job on the racquet but not the actual racquet.  However, with O port racquets, you could actually tell a customer, yes this racquet is the same racquet that Maria Sharapova was using.  This added great credibility to the Prince brand and the O port technology.

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