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Tennis Apparel Review Bloq-UV Racer Back Tank Top

August 21st, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews

bloq UV Race Back Tank Top

Bloq-UV Racer Tank Top Tennis Apparel Review

Are you a tennis player worried about the sun’s harmful rays and want the added protection from your apparel? Bloq-UV women’s tennis apparel has got you covered, literally. The new women’s tennis apparel Bloq- UV Racer back tank top will protect you from the sun while keeping you cool and composed on the tennis court. No longer worry about the damaging side effects your covered skin will endure from spending hours in the sun on the tennis court in non-protective clothing.

Bloq- UV women’s tennis apparel racer back tank top will block 98% of the sun’s harmful rays and is 50 UPF which helps reduce your risk for sun damage and the effects of the heat. Paired with sunscreen on your exposed body parts you can be confident this top will keep you safe from the sun as well as cool on the tennis courts. The racer back tank top is perfect for tennis as it is moisture wicking and helps to keep you dry of sweat and even water. You will also feel less hot in this shirt due to the UPF protection.

The best part of this tennis tank top is the style of it. It has a sleek and close to the body look with paneling in all the right places. The back of this tennis tank top has small pocket which is very convenient. This women’s tennis apparel racer back tennis tank top by Bloq-UV uses double straps which adds to the detail of this tank and keeps from feeling too bulky on your shoulders. This women’s tennis apparel tank top has a supportive built in bra for easier wear and comfort while shuffling around the tennis court.

The Bloq-UV racer back tank is a normal length and will provide full coverage as you’re twisting back and forth and chasing tennis balls. The material of this women’s tennis apparel tank is soft with flat seams adding to the comfort. For a shirt this advanced, it has really easy care instructions and you won’t lose any protection by washing it. Bloq-UV also tests all of their apparel to make sure it is living up to the standards of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. Unlike sunscreen, Bloq-UV apparel is instant sun protection and lasts the whole time you play tennis, not just a couple of hours.

Although the price is a little steep for a tennis tank top at $64, it is lower priced than other athletic shirts that claim to have sun protection but miss the mark.