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Bloq UV Reduces Sun Exposure - Tennis Apparel Review

May 7th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Bloq UV Skin Cancer Awareness

For many of us tennis players, we are out on the court several days of the week, if not every day of the week. This means there is a lot of sun shining on us at all times while enjoying our sport. Unfortunately, excessive sun exposure can lead to sun damage and even worse, skin cancer. Luckily Bloq UV tennis apparel has us covered, delivering lasting protection from the sun. Bloq UV uses a special material that has a UPF of 50 and blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Because we sweat, we are usually unprotected by other materials (only SPF 3 when wet), and the strength of protection decreases with time. Not in Bloq UV. Use them as simple base layers both when you’re in the sun playing tennis and in your everyday apparel. Here are some of our favorite Bloq UV apparel items available at Do It Tennis and some extra detail on the special features.

Bloq UV Tennis Apparel

Bloq UV Skort

Bloq UV Racer Back Tank

Bloq UV Mock Zip Long Sleeve

With all of this added protection it’s a no brainer to grab some of these items if you play tennis in the sun a lot.

Here’s a few more simple tips for staying protected while in the sun:

  • 1) Put on sunscreen ahead of time (obvious) and keep reapplying (most people forget this part)
  • 2) Cover the parts of your body that you can
  • 3) Wear hats and sunglasses when you can
  • 4) Keep your moles covered
  • 5) Get in the shade when you are able to
  • So there you have it, now you can wear tennis apparel and follow a few extra tips that will all provide extra confidence that you are protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Now go out there and enjoy some tennis! If you try out any of these items, let us know in the comments or on our social channels!