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Warm Up This Winter: Cold Weather Tennis Apparel

November 10th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Apparel Reviews, Tennis Lifestyle

With the strangely warm summer we’ve had, most tennis players are ready for a cool down. The good news is, it looks like cooler weather is on its way, and with the cooler weather comes warmer clothes. These are our Do It Tennis top tennis apparel picks to get yourself ready for the cool-down.

1) Warm up with the Bloq UV Women’s Hoodie and the Adidas Sequentials Warm-Up Pants. The Bloq UV Women’s hoodie has an impressive resume. It gives you a layer of warmth and provides protection from the sun’s rays, too (yes, you can still get a sun burn in winter!). It fits tight, so you can add additional layers, and has long sleeves that even cover your hands when it is cold out.

Need a comfy layer of pants to go along with the hoodie? The Adidas Sequential Warm-Up Pants will add a layer without making you too warm. They are nice and breathable, perfect for going over your tennis skirt during warm up or if the temperature drops in the middle of a tennis game.

2) For the men, the Adidas Men’s Barricade Jacket is an ideal layer for cooler weather. Easily zip it up over your tennis shirt or uniform to give a little warmth without being too heavy to play in. There is plenty of ventilation and moisture-wicking to keep you from getting too sweaty, which we all know is extra uncomfortable in the cold.

Pair this with a simple A4 Open Bottomed Pocketed Fleece Pant. Throw them on over your tennis shorts to keep your legs warm in between sets. They are very simply designed and with many colors to choose from, you an easily find one to match your tennis gear and outfit.

3) The Bloq-UV Women’s Compression Long Tights make a great base layer during the cold winter months. Use them to keep your legs warm to help prevent injury on the tennis court. You can even wear them with your tennis skirt or put a pair of sweatpants over them when it’s super cold.

The Bloq UV 24/7 long sleeve top can essentially act as a second skin if you need a little more coverage. You can wear it over your tank top or under a sweatshirt.

4) Every tennis player needs a pullover in their cool-weather tennis wardrobe. Use the Prince Men’s Half Zip Pullover to warm you up before you start your practice or in between matches.

To go with it, use the Prince Men’s Sweatpants to cover up from the cold. They are 100% polyester and thicker than a base-layer so you‘ll be kept warm.

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