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Tennis Apparel Review - DUC Distance Men’s Warm Up Suit & DUC Fire Women’s Dress

September 2nd, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews

DUC women fire dress

DUC Distance Men’s Warm Up Suit & DUC Women’s Fire Dress -Tennis Apparel Review

Need a uniform or warm up suit for your tennis team? Whether it is college, high school or a USTA team DUC has something to fit your team’s tennis uniform needs. DUC men tennis apparel and DUC women tennis apparel (tops, skirts, dresses, shirts, shorts, and warm up suits) are perfect for any tennis team’s uniform. DUC’s distance men’s warm up suit tennis apparel is ideal for the upcoming tennis seasons for high school and even college. Add your tennis team’s name, mascot and even embroider the athlete’s name. Cut back the costs by going with a less expensive brand while not compromising on the quality of this warm up suit.

Men’s tennis warm up suits in general are highly convenient for a tennis team because you can warm up in them strip down to win your tennis match then stay warm after the match while keeping uniformity among your team. The warm up suit has everything you need because it has a moisture wicking fabric. The shell of the DUC men’s warm up suit tennis apparel is 100% polyester while the lining is a polyester mesh. There is even the added feature of 40+ UV protection so you can reduce the damage sun exposure causes. At $79.99 this jumpsuit is quite affordable compared to the other well-known branded warm up suits. It also has a comfortable feel that every tennis player will enjoy. Your boys or men’s tennis team will be competing in style in the Duc warm up suit. The design is simple yet has some detail in the jacket part of the suit.

Need a uniform for your girls tennis team next? The DUC Fire women’s tennis dress tennis apparel is a great option for both high school and collegiate level teams. This DUC women’s tennis dress has a built in shelf bra providing a good amount of support. There is also mesh on the back panel of this tennis dress to give nice breathability and a pleated hip to add movement and style. You can buy matching spandex shorts from DUC tennis apparel to wear under the Fire tennis dress or use your own.

Cutback on team costs because you don’t need to buy a DUC women’s top tennis apparel and a DUC women’s tennis apparel skirt that can cost around $80-$100. The DUC Fire women’s tennis dress is moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry and is also 40+ UV protection. It also uses a 92% polyester 8% lycra mix which adds to its quality and feel. This women’s tennis dress has a flattering fit so your tennis team can’t complain. Available in many colors this tennis dress will match every teams school colors. You can also embroider names or add a mascot emblem to the tennis dress for team use. Best of all the more you buy the better of a deal you get. If you need just one pay $45.99 (which is still inexpensive), but buy 12 or more and you get them priced at $36.80 each.