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Tecnifibre Pro ATP Endurance rolling racquet bag review

August 20th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews
Finally, a tennis bag that rolls. The Tecnifibre Pro ATP Endurance tennis racquet bag is made for serious tennis players who travel, or anyone who has a lot of tennis gear and is tired of lugging it all on and off the court. Now you can load up your tennis bag with everything you need and even more. Instead of having to decide what you really need and what you should leave behind to lighten your bag. With Tecnifibre’s ATP Endurance rolling tennis bag, no matter what the weight, you’ll be able to roll your bag instead of lugging it over your shoulder with the hopes you don’t hurt your back.

This tennis bag can hold up to 12 tennis racquets and still leaves some space for other tennis gear and accessories. It has 3 main compartments in which you can divvy up your items. You could use one compartment for your racquets, another for your tennis apparel, and another for any other equipment. There are also a few accessory pockets that can be used to store your valuables and electronics.  If you’re flying you can even store your laptop, tablet and chargers.  Last but definitely not least, there is even a shoe tunnel that can be used to keep your tennis shoes or stinky clothes away from your clean ones.

This tennis bag is super practical for lots of traveling. You could even use it as a regular suitcase when you aren’t planning to play any tennis.  In addition to its practicality, it’s also sleek and stealthy with a shiny black material. Tecnifibre’s Pro ATP Endurance rolling tennis bag is made of a very strong and resilient material that won’t rip easily or wear too much from regular usage.

I can see many people benefitting from this multi-featured tennis bag from Tecnifibre. Tennis coaches could carry the team’s racquets out to class, practice or even a tournament. For elderly players, it’ll make getting on and off the court much easier. Whatever you use it for, I’m sure it will quickly become one of your favorite tennis bags, if not you’re most favorite. 

The Pro ATP Endurance rolling bag is just one of many great bags that Tecnifibre has to offer. There are plenty of others to choose from to match your lifestyle and needs. From backpacks to sport bags, check out the full collection of Tecnifibre bags available at Do It Tennis.