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Tennis Bag Review - Babolat Aero x12 French Open design edition

September 9th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Babolat Aero x12 French Open Design Edition Tennis Bag

Babolat Aero x12 French Open design edition Tennis Bag Review

The Babolat Aero 12 Pack Tennis Bag is built for the hardcore tennis player. Whether you’re an elite professional or just a weekend warrior this tennis bag has great top of the line features. This Babolat Aero tennis racquet bag is a 12 pack bag which means in the rare case you have 12 tennis racquets, you can fit them all but not much else. The less tennis racquets you store in this bag the more room there will be for tennis clothes, towels, tennis ball cans and waters. Ideally you would fit about 4-8 racquets to leave room for your other tennis necessities. This tennis bag has 3 tennis racquet compartments that can fit up to 4 tennis racquets each.

The front of this bag has one large storage pocket that zips shut and inside of it there is another zippered pocket perfect for small items such as grips and dampeners. The first racquet compartment has a hard outer shell exterior and the isothermal interior to help protect your racquets from the outside world. The middle compartment is just as roomy as the outside compartment but there is no hard shell or isothermal protection which is why this compartment is better suited for something other than a tennis racquet. The middle pocket also has a smaller mesh pocket with a complimentary removable shoe bag with ventilation, perfect for rundown tennis shoes and dirty laundry you want to quarantine from the rest of the bag. The last compartment is the same as the front compartment with the isothermal and hard shell protection to fit more tennis racquets or beverages that you would like to keep cool. The outside pockets are better suited for tennis racquets due to their hard molded shell, where the middle pocket is better suited for everything else you could need for a full day on the tennis courts.

Because most people do not lug around 12 racquets at a time this bag is perfect for all of your storage needs. You can practically live out of this bag. These tennis bags not only have many pockets but it also has many ways to carry it. In the middle of the bag there are double handles to make for an easy carry. On the backside of this tennis racquet bag there are padded adjustable straps that you can use as a backpack or take one off to convert to a single strap for a shoulder carry. At the very top of the tennis bag there is a small handle more suitable for hanging up the bag on a hook.

As you would expect with a bag with the capacity to hold 12 tennis racquets, it is on the heavier side but is very durable. The Babolat Aero Tennis Bag is also tastefully designed with pops of Red and yellow, commemorative of the French Open Tennis Tournament, and even has Rafael Nadal’s signature on it. The Babolat Aero 12 Pack tennis racquet bag has all the features that the professionals such as Rafael Nadal, Caroline Wozniaki, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga , have grown to love, which is why I’m confident that you will as well. Best of all $112 is a small price to pay for the high volume of tennis racquets you will be protecting in this tennis bag.