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Babolat Pure Aero Nine-Pack Tennis Bag Review

April 16th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Babolat Pure Aero 9 pack Tennis Bag

Babolat has finally come out with a tennis bag collection to their popular Babolat Aero tennis racquet line – the Pure Aero tennis bags.

This tennis bag line has the familiar yellow color and sleek design found on the popular aero tennis racquets. This one has the capacity to fit nine full-sized adult tennis racquets. Your racquets will be protected by the molded-shell pockets, and accessible right from the outside of the bag. These two pockets are also thermally protected with an isothermal compartment.  You can fit up to four tennis racquets in each of these pockets. There is also a ventilated compartment to put sweaty tennis clothes and gear, or even your tennis shoes.

At the front of this tennis bag there is a small accessory pocket to keep small valuables, like a watch or jewelry, from mixing into the rest of the bag. And if you don’t need to store nine tennis racquets, you can even use one of the pockets to store a lunch.

There are a few ways to carry this bag. There are two thin carry handles to pick up the bag from the middle. There is also a top carry handle that you can use to carry the bag over your shoulder, or even hang on the fence. It even has backpack straps, which are considered a ‘triple threat’:  they are padded, adjustable, and removable. This flexibility is a nice feature because you can just use one as a single strap, so you don’t necessarily have to use it as a traditional backpack.

The 9-pack Pure Aero tennis bag has the perfect amount of storage. Even if you don’t need to store 6 - 9 tennis racquets, you can always use the space for tennis apparel, gear and extra tennis balls. I don’t see any of the space going to waste when you have an entire morning or afternoon on the tennis court!

Check out this video review of the Babolat Pure Aero 9-pack tennis bag from our expert Dominique at Do It Tennis.