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Cortiglia Marina Tennis Bag Review

April 21st, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Cortiglia Marina women's tennis bag

Combining elegance and functionality, the Cortiglia Marina tote bag is a very versatile tennis bag, as it can be used for more than just tennis. This stylish designer tote bag can hold up to two tennis racquets. There isn’t a specific compartment for the tennis racquets, but there is a short divider that will keep your racquets somewhat separated from the other contents in the bag. It also has two outer accessory pockets – one on each side. The accessory pocket is large enough to fit items such as cell phone, keys and wallet. The bag zips-up and while it does expose the handle of the tennis racquet, it does protect the rest of each racquet. You won’t have to worry about your tennis racquets falling out of this bag because of how it zips-up around the racquets. You can also fit all of your other tennis necessities in this bag. You can fit your tennis apparel and gear, and even cans of tennis balls and water bottles.

I like this designer tennis bag because you can’t tell that it is a tennis bag just based off appearance. Additionally, it is also not as bulky as typical tennis bags because of its rectangle shape. It is the perfect size for a carryon or a luggage bag, so you can also use this designer tennis bag to travel in style. There’s enough room for some clothes and a laptop, making it perfect for weekend trips.

The Cortiglia Marina tennis bag has accents of Italian leather, in addition to a durable canvas material. Both of these are crucial when it comes to having a fashionable yet quality product, especially with sporty tennis gear. It also has little metal feet to protect the bottom of the bag from normal wear and tear. This Cortiglia tote bag comes in three different colors: Navy blue and white; Burgundy; and Black. It’s the perfect bag for a tennis player who works hard on the court and also values appearance. You’ll certainly make a statement even before you get onto the tennis court.

Check out this video review of the Cortiglia Marina designer tote tennis bag from our expert Dominique at Do It Tennis.