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Tennis Bag Review - Prince Courtside Tennis Tote

July 31st, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Prince Courtside Tennis Tote Bag Pink

Prince Courtside Tennis Tote Bag Review

The Prince Courtside Tote tennis racquet bag from the Prince Courtside Collection is a portable yet feminine option for the on the go tennis player. These tennis bags for women have simple yet handy features and ultimately do its job as a tennis tote.

This tennis bag doesn’t have a designated racquet pocket but it is roomy enough to fit a tennis racquet in the interior of this bag, or the front pocket with a magnetic closure can accommodate a tennis racquet among other things. This bag fits one tennis racquet easily but two tennis racquets would be a stretch if you are using up some of the bag space already. The front of this tennis racquet bag also has two zippered pockets. The inside of the tennis bag has two medium sized pockets and one is even padded to keep delicate items safe. There is a mesh compartment to store items such as tennis balls or even your cell phone.

The interior of this tennis bag has a cute gray and tennis racquet print that makes for a nice touch of style in the bag. On the back panel of this tote there is a deep padded pocket secured with a zipper. The sides of the Prince Courtside Tote Tennis Bag have elastic pockets for your beverages and at the top of the bag there are non-adjustable attached black straps. The black straps of this tennis tote feel strong enough to support the weight of this bag.

This tennis bag is very simple yet functional. I love the vibrant hot pink color, ease of use, and you can’t beat how lightweight it is. The material of these tennis racquet bags seem to have a good amount of durability to it and feels somewhat water resistant. It would be nice to have a zipper closure or magnetic closure to keep the tennis bag shut but because of all the pockets you can still secure your more valuable items. I also would have liked to see a specified pocket for your tennis racquet instead of just having it sit in the middle of the bag.

This tennis bag comes in at $59 which is a reasonable price for a Prince bag, and it comes in other color schemes as well. Again the best part of this tote is the multi-use aspect of it. It’s like you’re getting two bags in one. I would recommend this bag for the tennis player who doesn’t need as much tennis racquet storage but needs the adaptability of a tote.