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Wilson Tour V 15-Pack Tennis Bag Review

October 15th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Wilson has really outdone themselves with this one. A huge tennis bag that actually doesn’t look bulky, and is both durable and water resistant. Feast your eyes on the Wilson Tour V 15-pack tennis bag.

This bag has 3 large compartments that can hold 5 racquets each – yes, 5 racquets each - to make a total of 15 racquets. You can fit your whole tennis racquet collection and more. You can use one compartment strictly for racquets, one for clothes and even one for shoes. You’ll want to put your racquets in the special Thermoguard 2.0 compartment. It will protect them from the extreme weather and keep them cool. You can probably even store your lunch since you’ll likely have room to spare.  The Wilson Tour V 15-pack bag is sturdy and molded, which creates a shell-like protection for your tennis racquets. Even your tennis apparel and accessories are protected with the other molded compartments. Additionally, you can store your wallet, keys and phone without worrying about them getting crushed.  You’ll also like how this bag holds its shape with those molded compartments. It doesn’t fall flat and will actually stand on its own with its flat bottom and sturdy sides.

This tennis bag can be carried a number of ways. You can use the top carry handles or you can use the shoulder strap. The third - and more comfortable - way is to use it as a backpack so you can evenly distribute the weight of the bag. The straps are padded and adjustable for ideal comfort.
The material of this large tennis bag is very sleek and durable. Best of all, you can wipe it clean. This helps cut down on wear so your bag looks newer for longer. The bag also has a cool pattern on it that looks like it’s textured.

All in all, if you’re a competitive tennis player or someone who needs to store over 5-10 racquets or a lot of extra tennis gear, this is the bag for you! I could see a tennis coach utilize all the space very easily with team racquets. It can also provide a great alternative to a suitcase if you are traveling (don’t you want to play tennis everywhere?).
However you decide to use it, you are sure to love it! All the tennis bags in the Wilson Tour V collection have the same cool look, so if you need a bag with less space and choose to downsize, you can no problem!