Tennis bags for women

August 22nd, 2011

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tennis bags for women

Tennis bags for women have become very popular. Female tennis players are no longer limited to “pro” style bags with tons of logos. Nope lady tennis players can now select from a wide variety of styles, shapes, materials, and sizes of tennis bags for women. And most are more reasonably priced than, perhaps, the purse the woman carries (unless she must have a Gucci designed tennis bag; it does exist!).

I see just about every type of tennis bags for women on the courts. Backpack styles in animal prints, plaid, and even solid (oh no!) designs are available. Not going hiking you say? No problem—how about a fashionable two racquet tote covered in glittering sequins? Not feeling the glitz? Well& let's try a shoulder-sling style in denim! But you are wearing a pink tennis dress and want to match? That’s OK—you can get tennis bags for women in a complete rainbow of colors—no color clashing allowed!

There are even tennis bags for women with wheels and handles that extend—just like luggage you take on a trip. After all—what good is a trip without tennis?! And with the wheels your bag is never, ever, too heavy!

Most tennis bags for women have more interior compartments than the “pro” style bags. I presume that the designers understand ladies enjoy quick access to everything from sunscreen to cell phones.

So the next time you are shopping tennis bags for women, please remember that there are many choices. Whether you carry 1 racquet and a towel, or 3 racquets, spare clothes, and a plethora of other items, the correct bag is out there! Heck—you may even want to have multiple bags to match your various tennis outfits. It’s fun and you will feel great!