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Tennis Court Equipment Review Bakko Single Curve Series Backboard 10’x20’

July 17th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Court Equipment Reviews

bakko single curve series backboard 10x20 tennis court equipment review

Tennis Court Equipment Review Bakko Single curve Series Backboard 10’x20’

Make the Bakko Single Curve tennis backboard your new tennis buddy when you are unable to make it to the tennis club or find a hitting partner. No need to worry about getting your tennis court dimensions down correctly, if you are going to use this tennis court equipment to practice alone. Or you can set one of these tennis backboardsup at your tennis club as a way to pass time while waiting for your tennis court to open up. The Bakko Single Curve Backboard is more than a piece of plywood.

This curved backboard is more conducive to tennis practice and mimicking a match where a flat tennis backboard is more suitable for beginner. The curved tennis backboard will simulate a real tennis match and can still be used for warm up or cool down and even for a good work out. On the Curved backboard when you hit down the ball will pop up and when you hit up the ball will come back down like a return from an opponent.

Most people think that hitting against a tennis backboard won’t get you a good workout, but in all actuality the Bakko Single Curve Backboard will still make you run for the tennis ball just like in a tennis match. With that said of course you get out of it what you put into it so if you are looking for a hard workout just increase ball speed and decrease the time in between each hit.

This tennis backboard won’t take up too much space and can still be put against a fence on the tennis court or somewhere at the tennis club or even at home. It will only come out 6” when backed up against a wall. It is also 10’ by 20’ which is pretty decent sized. The Bakko Single Curve Backboard may get weathered but is still durable and does come with a warranty. The backboards will need to be added on to as you progress and as you add more hitters.

Whatever you do, ensure that the backboard is safely installed and being properly used. Maintenance is key to keeping the backboard looking fresh and lasting long. This is why the Bakko Single Curve Backboard is more suitable for a tennis camp or club and not so much a beginning tennis player who won’t use it very frequently. This is also a huge investment at $5399.99 and you should consider how much you will use it and if you have the space for one before buying. Sometimes a flat wall will do the trick or if you want to step up your game the double curve backboard would be a better option.