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Tennis Court Equipment Review - Courtmaster Revolution Tidyfit Net

August 28th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

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Courtmaster Revolution Tidyfit Tennis Net - Tennis Court Equipment Review

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of tennis court equipment you could get for tennis is the tennis net. When looking for your perfect tennis nets a few things should come to mind. Definitely durability, amount you plan to use it, whether you want double braid or single braid, and the type of tennis court you plan to use it on. The Courtmaster Revolution Tidy Fit Tennis Net is a double braided and will hold up fairly for more frequent tennis players. This net is made of polythylene which proves to be more durable and UV resistant than other materials. With Courtmaster Tennis Nets, durability is built into every net.

The headband of the Revolution Tidyfit Tennis Net is double layered and coated with laminated vinyl. This laminated vinyl is treated with an anti fungal treatment, which keeps the net looking in better condition for a longer period of time. They also use a very heavy therefore durable polyester thread that is abrasive resistant and harder to unravel. It is the thickest on the market at 4mm.

The body of the Courtmaster Revolution Tidyfit Tennis Net is made from solid core yarn which is stronger and holds up much better over time than a non core yarn. It is also braided which makes for better shock absorption from the tennis ball’s impact. The top 4 rows are lock stitched and is also heat set so there isn’t any knot slippage.

A unique feature seen in Courtmaster nets is its folded sidebands for a cleaner look and to prevent fraying. The sidebands also use a non-glare polyester. The bottom band is also non glare vinyl coated polyester with the edges turned under as well. The cable of the Courtmaster Revolution Tidy Fit Net is also very durable and has a breaking strength of 3700 pounds. For easy installation there is a flex loop for the winder. This net measures 3.5 feet tall at the posts and 3 feet tall at the net strap making for a nice tapered fit. Paired with fiberglass dowels, heavy duty headbands and its unique net material, this truly lives up to its name and is revolutionary.

Another great feature is the Courtmaster’s 5 year warranty. The Courtmaster Revolution Tidyfit Net will leave your courts looking well maintained. Perfect for tennis clubs that care about the presentation of their nets or the home court owner that wants a long lasting net. Of course it is an investment more suited for the tennis player who will put more use into it because it is priced at $259.99.