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Tennis Court Equipment Review – Edwards 3” Classic Round Post & Edwards 40 LS Canvas Tennis Net

September 16th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Court Equipment Review – Edwards 3” Classic Round Post & Edwards 40 LS Canvas Tennis Net

Edwards 3” Classic Round Post & Edwards 40 LS Canvas Tennis Net Tennis Court Equipment Review

Deck your tennis court out with the high quality of Edwards’ tennis court equipment. Start with the Edwards 3”Classic Round Posts. At $259.99 per post you can believe they will deliver and live up to the quality expected from a company that has been making posts for over 125 years. They are also the posts you will see at your favorite professional tennis tournaments such as the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Davis cup.

These posts are polyester powder coated in green and made of 76 mm round tubal steel. The polyester coating will help prevent damage by the sun or water. The winders of the 3” Classic Round tennis posts are made of a heavy duty brass and there is also a pulley wheel. These posts will ensure clean tennis net attachment with their net lacing bars. The Edwards 3” Classic Round Posts includes plastic socket caps and steel sockets that are 36 cm deep. These tennis posts were designed to be used in the United States and meet standards required in order to be used on regulation tennis courts. The ground sleeves are not included with the posts but can easily be bought separately.

Once you have the posts you can move on to finding a tennis court net. Try Edwards’ most popular tennis net the 40 LS Canvas Tennis Net for only $219.99. These tennis nets have been used at Wimbledon and are high quality and made of braided polyethylene material that is 3.5mm wide and the head band is a strong polyester material. The Edwards 40 LS Canvas tennis net will take the beating of day to day use because of the material it is made out of.  The body of this net has six rows of double netting to provide more strength. This net uses fiberglass dowels to tie it all together. Another great feature of the Edwards’ 40 LS Canvas Tennis Net is its 5 year warranty but I would doubt it would be needed.

Lastly fasten down the net with a net strap of your choice and your tennis court is ready to be played on while enjoying the hands down durability and quality of Edwards. Feel like you’re playing at Wimbledon (minus the grass court) without leaving your home tennis court. Both of these produces could be trusted at your tennis club, school and home court if you are willing to invest. Because of the investment you will be putting into your tennis court and the tennis court equipment you know you will get a lot out of them.

Edwards 3” Classic Round Post $269.99(per post) + Edwards 40 LS Canvas Tennis Net $219.99