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Tennis Court Equipment Review Gamma Pro Plus 110 Tennis Ball Hopper and Gamma Tennis Ball Mower

August 5th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Court Equipment Reviews

Gamma Pro Lus 110 Ball Hopper

Gamma Pro Plus 110 Tennis Ball Hopper and Gamma Tennis Ball Mower Tennis Court Equipment Review

After a long day on the court, whether it is tennis lessons, camps, or just plain hitting, the last thing you want to think about is picking up all the tennis balls you have left scattered on the tennis court. Luckily Gamma offers a few options for picking up your tennis balls that can be suitable for everyday use.  The Gamma Ball Mower Ballhopper and the Gamma Pro Plus 110 Tennis Ball Hopper will easily get the job done.

Let’s look at the Gamma Ball Mower first. The Gamma Ball Mower will pick up more tennis balls faster. This tennis mower can wrangle 240 tennis balls in no time. It has a wide arm span of 54” to make for more coverage on the court. The arms even fold for easier storage and use against gates. The Gamma Tennis Ball Mower has strong metal arms that are coated with a chip resistant polyurethane coating to minimize wear. It comes with a 3 year parts warranty for the off chance you do have a problem with the machine. The tennis ball hopper is perfect for the tennis coach, player, and club that needs to pick up tennis balls on a larger scale. Made for high use and to hold many tennis balls.

The next option by Gamma is The Gamma Pro Plus 110 ball hopper. As indicated by the name this tennis ball hopper will pick up 110 tennis balls. Never again worry about bending over to pile balls on you tennis racquet. The ball hopper option is very affordable and easy to use. It’s so easy kids can even use it (with supervision).

The Gamma Pro Plus 110 Ball hopper is very sturdy as it has a strong welded design and heavy duty construction. There is also a weather resistant coating to prevent rust and bumpers on the bottom of the basket. The handles flip over the basket in order to carry easily. There is a lid that closes shut to keep the tennis balls in and also opens back up when you’re ready to use the balls again. You can also stand the tennis ball hopper up when it’s time to feed tennis balls or get to hitting. This ball hopper is much smaller and compact than the ball mower and is more suitable for personal use.

Both options will save you the trouble of picking up all the tennis balls by hand and can easily be incorporated into tennis lessons and camps. The Gamma Ball Mower is a little pricier at $599.99 and the more affordable Gamma Pro Plus 110 Ball hopper is $49.99 but both in my opinion are worth the investment.