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Tennis Court Equipment Reviews for Your Spring & Summertime Court Upgrades

May 12th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Court Equipment Reviews for Your Spring Summertime Tennis Court Upgrades

Looking for new tennis court equipment for your official or makeshift tennis court? Look no further! Do It Tennis has what you want and need for your favorite hobby, and we will be happy to help you find the right fit for your skill level and practice environment.  At Do It Tennis there are even a few packages to choose from to maximize the upgrade to your tennis court. They are all high-quality and reasonably priced, so you’re sure to find one you like.

If you are not sure where to start with your court equipment search, here is a quick breakdown of a few different packages. You can choose from Basic, Basic +, Premium, and Luxury. They each offer slightly different features.

Basic Tennis Court Equipment Package for Sale

Basic Tennis Court Equipment Package

The Basic package consists of PVC placement tubes, tennis post by Edwards, Macgregor tennis net, pipe anchor, and a net strap.

This is everything you would need to outfit your tennis court area. This package is best for someone who just wants the necessities for their practice.

It could definitely be a simple, yet very nice, addition to your home court.
Basic+ Tennis Court Equipment Package

Basic+ Tennis Court Equipment Package

This package simply provides higher-quality equipment for the court.

The PVC sleeves that you stick into the ground are thicker and stronger. The tennis post is also thicker, as well. The net is an Edwards 30LS tennis net, which is higher-quality than the one in the Basic package. The pipe anchor and the center strap are the same as the basic package. This would also be a reasonable, worthy investment for a private home tennis court.

Premium Tennis Court Equipment Package

Premium Tennis Court Equipment Package

The Premium package improves on quality even more, both aesthetically and durability-wise. Though this is a bit pricier, it’s perfect for clubs and public courts which get quite a bit of use, and need last a long time.

The sleeves are made from galvanized steel, as opposed to PVC pipe in the packages above. The rest is the same as the Basic+ package, including the upgraded tennis posts and net. Since these sleeves are steel, they are going to last much longer than the PVC pipe. Again, this option is great for public courts, school tennis courts, and private clubs that will get a lot of use.

Luxury Tennis Court Equipment Package For Sale

Luxury Tennis Court Equipment Package

Naturally, the luxury package has the best of the best court equipment. The sleeves are steel like the premium package, but are square-shaped instead of round, as are the tennis posts, which adds to the sturdiness.

This package also features a different tennis net. It comes with the Courtmaster Royale net, which has several features that improve its resistance to weare-and-tear. This is the highest-quality option for any tennis court, and would be a great investment for tennis clubs and other tennis courts which get a lot of use, and need to stay looking nice.

All together, these court equipment packages make offer a great selection to help you easily find what will fit your needs and situation. For whatever tennis court you want to deck out, Do It Tennis has what you need.