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Tennis Court Maintenance: Does Your Court Need A Spring Cleaning?

March 25th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Court Maintenance Does Your Court Need A Spring CleaningImage courtesy of Greenhiss - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

It’s the time of year to spruce up your tennis court and undertake any needed maintenance. For hard courts, there are a number of regular and annual tennis court maintenance tasks that can improve your court’s playability and longevity.

Tennis Court Surface Maintenance

Tennis courts need regular brushing and watering to keep them in top condition and to extend their life. Many professional and club courts are watered frequently. Brushing reduces surface buildup and also prevents staining. Watering is made easier using a good water broom. Water brooms at higher water pressure are also good for cleaning debris buildups.

Washing the court regularly adds life to your tennis surface. But standing water hurts longevity and delays or prohibits tennis play. Dry the tennis court quickly with a new water remover or replace the dried out roller for a better clean up job. Squeegees like the Gamma Deluxe Squeegee also makes the task go faster.

Rolling a court will make it firmer and faster. Rolling a court is important after severe cold weather and if it has been in a freeze/thaw cycle.

Find all the products you need to maintain your court surface in our tennis net repair items and accessories. A new center strap with velcro, replacement tennis net headband, single sticks, repair cord for nets and replacement cables can bring a net back to life. The net is something you see throughout any match and poor nets affect proper play.

If your equipment can’t be repaired or is outdated, upgrade the tennis court nets and posts. Need a complete tennis equipment package for a new or existing tennis court? There are complete packages at a range of basic, premium and luxury levels. They include everything you need at a single great price.

Find step-by-step instructions on how to replace tennis nets and headbands in our Buyers Guide Section.

Upgrade Your Experience with Tennis Court Accessories

There are also many easy upgrades to improve your and your guest’s tennis experience. Investing in quality equipment can also help to raise your game.

If you want to work on your tennis forehand and backhand strokes, there is no better upgrade than investing in a tennis ball machine. The Lobster, Playmate, Sports Tutor and Wilson all offer great ball machines with a range of capacities and features.

Hone your serve and clean up the court quickly of tennis balls after practice with a new ball hopper

Practice tennis at home by installing a quality tennis backboard so you can play anytime without driving anywhere or having to find a practice partner. Backboards come in three styles: traditional flat, and sloped to create loft and curved creating more realistic tennis returns. There is also a variety of tennis rebound nets that can be quickly installed.

If your home tennis court or one you maintain has all the basics, check on the condition of the tennis court accessories, such as tennis scorekeepers. They add to the experience and are available in over net and over post styles. A new watercooler, tennis ball holder and post-mounted basket can add that final polish to your court.

You can find everything from tennis backboards to tennis scorkeepers in our Tennis Court Equipment Section.

What’s your view?

Any tips on tennis court maintenance? Have a picture of your tennis court that you want to share? We would love to see what maintenance you have already or plan to perform.


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