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Tennis Racquet Review: Babolat Aeropro Team

March 18th, 2013

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Babolat Tennis Racquet

A couple of years ago I spent a summer and fall playing with Babolat frames, and the decision came down to what was then the Babolat Pure Drive GT Roddick model or the Aeropro frame that Rafa Nadal was using then. The main reason that I choose the Pure Drive was that although it was easier to hit groundies and serves with the Aeropro I could not volley with the thing to save my life. If this frame had been available that summer, it is for sure where I would have gone.

This is a truly great racquet. It has a 100 square inch head and weighs 10.2 ounces strung (which I would repeat again is the only weight that matters), and is the standard 27 inches long. It is somewhat head heavy and that combined with the tight 16 x 19 string pattern makes it easy to generate both power and spin. The Babolat PR materials say that this frame is slightly head light, but I would suggest that they look at all they are measuring that specification.

This is an easy frame to play with. It was very comfortable in rally mode using moderate topspin, and it was equally comfortable when I wanted to flatten the ball out and end points or approach the net behind flatter balls. Serves and overheads were very comfortable with this frame, and unlike two summers ago, this frame was very volley friendly. It is light and maneuverable, and the head heaviness makes it easy to both slide and stick volleys with much accuracy.

The handle on this racquet seems more squarish (and hence Wilson like) than other Babolat models. I wonder if that is one reason I liked it so much. It was very easy to find my grips, and at net I use a backhand grip for all of my volleys, and roundish handles are for sure an issue with my volley grip.

Babolat recommends this racquet for 3.5 players and I think that is the correct starting point. I think this is the perfect racquet for good junior players moving to their first adult frame. But I would encourage more experienced players to take a look at this frame. I would probably add some lead tape if I were to use this racquet consistently. My forehand sailed a little; I think the head could be heavier still. But this is a great offering by Babolat. Well done!!!!

Mark Pinckney