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Tennis racquet review: Dunlop Biomimetic 500

November 7th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Dunlop Biomimetic 500 Tour Tennis Racquet

I recently had the opportunity to hit with the new Dunlop Biomimetic 500 and found a lot to like in this versatile “tweener” racquet…I think you will, too.  Having been a long-time user of an older Dunlop 200 series racquet, swinging the 500 around was quite an eye-opener.  Age has hit me like a ton of bricks, and a few sets with the 500 is all I needed to help me realize that with today’s racquet technology, you don’t have to sacrifice significant feel if you decide to a lighter, “friendlier” stick.

The cosmetics of the 500 contrast a black matte finish against yellow trim that highlights two new technologies that Dunlop is very excited about:  Aeroskin and HM6 Carbon.  The Aeroskin is a slightly bumped surface on new Dunlops that reduces drag which, in turn,  leads to you holding as much of your racquet speed as possible.  The HM6 Carbon is weaved in to honeycomb-shaped material that is combined with Aerogel to create a more stable frame with even more feel.

And, as for the 500’s feel… it is phenomenal!  I truly felt the same pure, solid, traditional feel of a Dunlop 200 level racquet when I found the sweet spot of the new 500.  The “kicker” is that you get this feel while swinging with a racquet that weighs 10.3 oz., strung, and has 100sq in. of forgiving head size that gives most of us that extra pop that a 2 or 3 hundred from Dunlop just can’t.  I noticed a huge difference, right away.  More power for the same swing.  Better depth for the same swing.  More precise angles and noticeably more topspin generated for the same swing.  Volleying didn’t feel so cumbersome, and serving was definitely a highlight with the 500…my hitting partners commented on not only a few mph increase, but a definite increase in kick.

My game – and me, I suppose – didn’t feel so old, any more.  I hit some shots that have been missing from my game for quite a few years, now, and isn’t that partly what brings us back to the courts?  If you’re one of the stubborn many out there hanging on to a “player” racquet that just feels to good to abandon, I can totally relate.  “Player” racquets DO feel amazing, but times(like your strength and flexibility levels) are changing and you can find a great mix of feel and added power, these days, that will save your body from a ton of extra effort, prevent injuries, and help make tennis even more enjoyable and exciting.  The Dunlop Biomimetic 500 is most definitely worth a demo if you feel like you still possess very solid tennis skills, but just need that extra push from your weapon to pull off some of your best shots.

The 500 also comes in a “plus”(27.5 inches long, 110sq in) version, as well as a “tour” model that weighs a bit more than the standard 500, and is wielded on the ATP tour by World #9, Nicolas Almagro.  Told you the 500 series had some feel.

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