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Tennis Racquet Review: Dunlop Biomimetic F3.0 Tour

May 28th, 2013

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Dunlop Biometric F 3.0 Tennis Racquet

Let me start by saying that the Dunlop Biomimetic F3.0 Tour is a very good racquet choice for players above the 4.0\4.5 level who have games with multiple components. My one caveat would be that a player should already own a game that they are relatively happy with, not be in the process of trying to develop a serve or to change from a one-handed to two-handed backhand.

This is a smart looking red and black and silver frame with an 18 (main) x 20 (crosses) string pattern, which makes both spin and power very accessible. The frame weighs 11.5 ounces strung and is the standard 27 inches long. I loved both the custom paint job and the Dunlop Viper Dry grip that comes as standard equipment. Don’t racquets that look good generally play better? Maybe not, but it seems that way sometimes.

I liked the heft and feel of this racquet right away. Even on off center hits it was easy to feel in control and on target with my ground-strokes and volleys and serves. This is a solid tennis racquet as there were absolutely no issues with any of the basic components of my game. I was able to get grooved with most of my shots fairly quickly, even the return of quality serves felt fairly comfortable after hitting for a half hour or so.

There was only one significant red flag for me with this racquet. When I missed it was very bad and ugly, usually way long. I did have some problems in the mid-court hitting half-volleys and flipping short approach shots cross court. It felt a little like it was more string than racquet. It for sure wasn’t the trampoline-likeness - “that thing is gone feeling” - I have experienced frequently with other demo racquets.

I think for sure that I would have to play with string setup and lead tape on the head to make this frame seriously playable for me. The head is more than a little light, and I simply prefer frames that are head heavy.

I really like this racquet. There were a couple of small issues, but on balance for a lot of players, this racquet would be worth looking into. This frame has a nice blend of feel and power and control. The Biomimetic F3.0 Tour frame is most definitely a good offering in the Dunlop racquet line.

Mark Pinckney