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Tennis Racquet Review: Head YouTek Graphene Prestige S

January 14th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Tennis Racquet Head YouTek Graphene Prestige S

“Flexy, Flexy”

4 Stars

The Head YouTek Graphene Prestige S tennis racquet is made for players who enjoy the feel and characteristics of the classic Prestige Head tennis racquets but need a racquet that is lighter and easier to use.  During my playtest of the Prestige S, I definitely found it easier to use than the other Prestige racquets as well as much more flexible.  Out of all of the Prestige racquets that I have played with I had the most feel with this S version.  The rest of this review will discuss how the racquet performed in the areas of groundstrokes, net play, and the serve.

I started my playtest of the Prestige S tennis racquet by hitting groundstrokes and was immediately surprised by the way the racquet hit and felt.  What took me by surprise the most was the flexibility of the Prestige S.  It felt like the ball stayed on my racquet for forever and I could change the direction that I wanted to place the ball in the middle of my stroke.  The Prestige S is one of the softest tennis racquets on my arm that I have played with.  I could place my groundstrokes where I wanted to with ease and with more power than I expected but this racquet still does not have quite the power that I like to get out of a racquet.

I really enjoyed volleying with the Prestige S as well.  As I mentioned before, the tennis racquet plays very soft and this made the racquet also have a lot of feel on volleys and touch shots. –Easier than the Head YouTek Graphene Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet in my opinion. -  It was a lot of fun to mess around with short drops/dinks and angle shots with this racquet.  For a racquet that is so soft and thin beamed, the Prestige S provided plenty of put away power on the volleys as well.

Serving with this racquet was the lowest point for me during my playtest with this tennis racquet.  Although the racquet is easy on the arm and is very comfortable to serve with, it just does not provide the pop on the serve that I am looking to get out of a racquet.  Besides the lack of power, I did get good control and spin from the racquet on the serve.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Head YouTek Graphene Prestige S racquet.  It is a very soft and flexible racquet which is not typical of Head tennis racquets.  I liked how this S version is much easier to use than the Head YouTek Graphene Prestige MP tennis racquet because I like those heavier versions of the Prestige line but they are just a little much for me.  I recommend the Prestige S tennis racquet for players who can produce good power already but are looking to save their arm a bit by using a flexible racquet that gives awesome control and spin.

Micah Groom