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Tennis Racquet Review: Head YouTek Graphene Radical REV

November 12th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Head YouTek Graphene Radical REV

“REV it Up”

4 Stars

This plays very similar to the Radical MP tennis racquet.  The only differences are that the Head YouTek Graphene Radical REV tennis racquet is lighter and has more of its weight distributed to the head of the racquet in order to increase its swing weight.  If you have read my review on the Radical MP tennis racquet then you will notice that this review is very similar as you read on.  Here’s what I thought of the Graphene Radical REV in terms of groundstroke play, net play, and the serve.

I definitely enjoyed hitting groundstrokes and returns with the Head YouTek Graphene Radical REV tennis racquet.  With the new Graphene technology added to the Radical line, they are much sturdier than the previous generations.  This helped a lot in my return game as the racquet held up very well which allowed me to get more returns back into play, although not quite as much as the MP and Pro versions.  I really enjoyed the redistribution of weight that Head has done with all of the new Graphene tennis racquets, including the Radical REV.  This made the racquet swing much smoother through the air for a more powerful and controlled stroke.

I had nothing to complain about the net play of this Radical REV tennis racquet.  It has good feel and pop off of the volley.  It is quite maneuverable as well.  The Radical does not have as good of feel up at the net as say a Prestige but I was able to get more pop for some more punishing volleys.

For me, the serve is where the Radical REV racquet performed the best.  The way that the weight is distributed in this racquet seems to be very compatible for serving.  The head of the racquet really comes through the finish of my service motion nicely, producing a lot of power and pop into the box.  I noticed that I had an even easier time getting wrist snap on my serve with the REV than I did with the MP and Head YouTek Graphene Radical Pro tennis racquet versions.

I can say that I definitely enjoyed my hit with this racquet despite how light it is.  It does not play like a racquet that is only 9.7 oz when strung.  The REV plays pretty much the same as the MP, it’s just a easier to swing and use which makes it a great option for a younger junior player, beginner player, or just someone who likes a lighter racquet.

Micah Groom