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Tennis Racquet Review: Head YouTek Graphene Radical S

November 14th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews


I had a hard time playing with the Head YouTek Graphene Radical S tennis racquet.  I have long, full strokes and this racquet is not conducive for that.  The Radical S is designed for players with shorter strokes in which beginner to intermediate players usually have.  If you have hit with the Pro or Graphene Radical MP tennis racquet versions then you will notice that the feel of the Radical S racquet is very similar but it plays much different.

Groundstrokes were the toughest for me with the Head YouTek Graphene Radical S tennis racquet.  I could not take a full swing at a ball without launching it long.  A racquet like this where the head size is a little bigger at 102 sq inches and the string pattern is more open is designed to grab the ball a bit more.  This was definitely the case as it seemed to never let go and allow me to produce spin on my own.  I was finally able to keep a rally going once I shortened up my swing and only focused on getting the ball back to the other person.  In order to use this racquet you have to let the racquet do almost all of the work for you and keep your stroke simple.

Volleys were not so bad with the Radical S.  It’s nice how big the sweet spot is and I really enjoy the feel of the new Head Graphene tennis racquet technology.  I had an easy time placing my volleys and getting easy pop on the volley by letting the racquet do most of the work. The same was true for the serve and overheads as well.  As long as I let the racquet do most of the work, everything seemed to work fine.  I was able to do a little more with my serve and still have control compared to other shots which was nice.

I really like the feel of Head tennis racquets in general so I would recommend people to give this racquet a try if you are a beginning to intermediate level player.

Micah Groom