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Prince Textreme 100T Tennis Racquet Review

July 23rd, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Prince Textreme 100T Tennis Racquet Review

Prince has come out with new a line of tennis racquets made with a new material that is both light and strong. This is Textreme. Part of the Textreme collection is the Prince Textreme 100T tennis racquet. This racquet is a light-weight powerhouse delivering easy power and spin. It is under 11 ounces and ideal for intermediate players. This racquet is easy to swing and produce power, and although it is fast, the Textreme 100T is also stable and controlled.

The Textreme 100T is easy to maneuver swings, so you can effortlessly power through your ground strokes from the baseline, or place your volley exactly where you want it. It is also very easy to swing the racquet overhead when doing serves, without skimping out on spin. The Prince Textreme 100T serves like a charm. You can get all the power and spin you want from it, fairly easily, and it will feel stable if you are consistently hitting the sweet-spot of this racquet. One thing to note is that since this racquet is so light, you may experience some slight instability when you hit outside the sweet-spot. This should not be a concern however, as it’s not very challenging and can help you improve your swing.

The Prince Textreme 100T also got a slight makeover from the previous model. This model has a nice black design with a pop of orange around the middle of the racquet. You can dress it up with bright orange strings or go for a more minimal look with black strings.

Besides the cosmetic look, this tennis racquet has a different physical makeup, as well. It’s made of graphite and Textreme material – the same material used in Formula 1 race cars. The new Textreme material is in the shaft, while the rest of the racquet is made of a lightweight grapheme material.  The Textreme in the shaft prevents the racquet from twisting in the middle upon impacting the ball, in turn further prevents instability.

Overall, this tennis racquet is a welcome addition to the Prince Textreme line of tennis racquets. You can try out this racquet and many more at any time in our demo program at Do It Tennis.