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Tennis Racquet Review: Prince Tour 100T ESP

December 3rd, 2013 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

 Tennis Racquet Prince Tour 100T ESP

Arm Friendly

The Prince Tour series tennis racquets are the softest racquets that I have ever played with. They are very flexible and forgiving as I feel almost no impact on my arm when playing with the Prince Tour series racquets.  The Prince Tour 100T ESP tennis racquet brings a whole new dimension to the Prince Tour series.  The racquet plays just as soft as the other tour series racquet and now has an added extra spin effect.  The 16x16 extreme string pattern (ESP) of this racquet really grabs the ball to produce heavier stokes with more spin.

I thought there would be an adjustment period to get used to the extreme string pattern of this racquet but I was comfortable hitting with it right away.  I have played with other Prince tennis racquets that have gone to these very open string patterns and I had trouble keeping the ball from sailing long. It was like these racquets would grab the ball too much and never let go.  I did not have this issue with the Tour 100T racquet as it felt comfortable and easy to play with right away. On the groundies I was able to hit my normal stroke and easy spin came off of the racquet because of the ESP technology.

The feel of the Prince Tour 100T tennis racquet is incredible.  This quality made for a great racquet to play with up at the net.  I felt like I could place my volleys anywhere I wanted, no matter the angle or trajectory that the ball would have to take in order to get there.  I have never had so many drop volleys fall exactly where I wanted them to before playing with this racquet.  This would be the perfect volley tennis racquet if it wasn’t so hard to generate pace off of it.

The story of this racquet remains the same after hitting serves with it.  The control and spin that you can produce with the Tour 100T are second to none.  Another advantage is the serve is usually where most arm problems are developed but because of how soft this racquet is, your arm should not feel a thing unless your technique is terribly awful.

If you cannot tell from my review of this racquet so far, I really enjoyed my playtest of the Prince Tour 100T tennis racquet.  The Prince Tour 100T is the perfect racquet, if you are choosing a tennis racquet to play with that is soft and that has so much feel. The Prince Tour 100T makes you look at the game differently, especially with the modern game being based so much on power.  I enjoyed playing at the net the most with this tennis racquet because I was able to use the feel of the racquet to mess around with drop shots and drop volleys.  I do wish the racquet had more power because I did have trouble finishing off.  The ESP technology is not for either because I know that the strings would break on me much too quickly and I already produce a lot of spin naturally.  I would recommend the Prince Tour 100T racquet to 4.0 level players and above.  Also if you have a history of arm problems I would seriously look into this tennis racquet.


Micah Groom Micah Groom

USPTR Tennis Professional