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Tennis Racquet Review: Völkl Organix 7 295g

February 6th, 2013

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Volkl Tennis Racquet

The new Volkl Organix 7 has two versions:  295g and 310g.  This play-test is with the 295g (labeled 10.4 oz) and is intended to be the choice of players who desire a medium-weight racquet that offers some power without any sacrifice of control.  It is a “tweener” racquet (between game improvement and a true “player’s” racquet).

APPEARANCE / STYLE If you enjoy making a visual statement with your racquet, then the Volkl Orgnaix 7 295 is for you!  Extremely bright neon-green with black accents it proudly (& loudly) announces it’s presence on the court.  It’s not a color that will grow on you—you either like it or you don’t.  But what the heck—you will never accidentally leave it anywhere—there is NO WAY one could overlook this baby!


    Volkl uses the following in the Organix 7 295:
  1. Optispot Vision System—a visual support system to help players hit the sweet-spot more often.  This is accomplished via unique “bulls-eye” markings on the inner hoop.  Volkl says that players hit 40% more balls in the sweet-spot than players without Optispot.
  2. Bio-Sensor Handle System—a counter-balanced active dampening system in the handle.  Volkl inserts a pin in the handle which off-sets incoming vibrations by 15%.
  3. Organix—high tech carbon nano tubes, combined with cellulose as base material.  Volkl says this provides 30% more dynamic power and better handling via vibration absorbing properties.

The Volkl Organix 7 295 has a 104” head with a 16 x 19 string pattern.  It weighs 10.4 ounces and is 0.7” head light.  Its beam is a constant 24mm and its stiffness is rated at 73 (high) on the RDC.  It is a standard 27” length.

Baseline rallies with the Volkl Organix 7 were impressive.  I noticed that I never even thought about swinging “hard”—just quick and smooth.  The racquet adds a bit of power without any noticeable sacrifice of control.  It feels solid and sounds good also.

The head-light balance of the Volkl Organix 7 enabled quick action at the net.  The 104” head-size helped negate unwanted effects of off-center hits.

The Volkl Organix 7 performed as expected on overhead smashes—it delivered a solid punch and produced excellent racquet-head speed.

Serves with the Volkl Organix 7 were good.  I needed to add some power on the 1st Serves even though the racquet has a medium-wide (24mm) beam.  I found it interesting that only with serves did I notice a need to add power.  I noticed good control on 2nd serves.

The Volkl Organix 7 was average in its production of spin.  The wider beam got in the way a couple times, but this was primarily due to “operator error”.  I do not, however, have this issue with my 19mm beam racquet.  It does produce spin—but nothing to shout about.

Once I became accustomed to the Volkl Organix 7 appearance I concentrated on its technology.  It is very stable and produces little shock or vibration.  It resists twisting.  It adds just a little power to your game.  It is a wonderful all-around racquet that should suit a wide-variety of players and playing styles.

I believe the Volkl Organix 7 is an appropriate choice for players of the 3.5 level and higher who desire good control, added power, and can benefit from a little more comfort.

Greg Christopherson
Oceanside, CA