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Tennis Racquet Review: Volkl Organix 9 Super G

May 1st, 2014

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Tennis Racquet Volkl Organix 9 Super G5

Back in the day I played with Volkl tennis racquets for a couple of years. I never thought that they made Hall of Fame racquets, nothing like the Wilson Pro Staff 88 or the Prince Woody or the old Head Radical tennis racquets ever rolled out of their design shops and factories. But they always made frames that were very usable by good to advanced players; their design seemed to be based on engineering as opposed to cosmetics and their price point in an out of control racquet market was very good.

By that definition the Volkl Organix 9 Super G tennis racquet is a standard Volkl fame. The frame is orange and black. A user review of this racquet that I read online, said that ‘orange is the new black.’ I guess that other people are also on to the marketing and cosmetics shell game practiced by some of the major racquet companies.

The frame is the standard 27 inches long; has a 98 square inch head; an 18 x 20 string bed and it weighs 11.5 inches strung. The thing just feels solid when you pick it up. It also feels heavy. For that reason alone this is a good racquet for attacking players who come in some and\or serve and volley players. Unlike many modern racquets which are virtual trampolines (All pre-Strike Babolat tennis racquet frames for example); this racquet has a fair amount of heft to it.

I really liked hitting my groundstrokes with this tennis racquet. Oddly enough, having a one handed backhand, I have never been very happy with the lightness and balance of many of the newer modern racquets. With a one handed backhand, I think that the older heavier racquets are easier to maneuver, this is totally counter intuitive I would think and contrary also to what I hear teaching pros tell their students.

I was immediately able to hit my backhand with spin and pace and location. My basic backhand is a little on the flat side and that was just not a problem with this racquet at all. Volleys were comfortable and fun, especially when the thought is just to hit the thing hard and hope it doesn’t come back. I had a little trouble making my volleys slide as usual with this frame, but that was a minor little issue in my mind.

I have to say that I did not like serving with this racquet at all. It just felt heavy and at the top vertical position in my service motion I was not absolutely sure which way the head was aligned angle wise. It was a little odd and off putting and not something that I have experienced with very many racquets before (never before to this extent to be truthful). It was almost as if the handle weight was not evenly distributed.

If I was a 4.5-5.0 player I would take a shot at hitting with this racquet. In no case should juniors use this frame as a transitional event to adult racquets, I would also warn players in the 3.0 range and most small\medium size women players off of this frame. But fairly good sized players, with full swings, who produce their own power should really like this racquet and consider it in a serious way when they start searching for a new frame.

Marc Pinckney