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Volkl Organix Super G3 Tennis Racquet Review

August 4th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Volkl Organix Super G3 Tennis Racquet Review

If you are a fan of Volkl tennis racquets you will want to try the Volkl Organix G3 tennis racquet. The Organix G3 has the traditional 16x19 string pattern which improves spin, and the Super G grommets act as a super shock absorber, reducing vibration in your racquet (and arm!) while hitting solid returns.

The Organix Super G3 by Volkl is longer than your typical tennis racquet and will give beginners a boost in power.  The bigger head size will help you put the ball away at the net, and smash serves and overheads. One thing to note is this racquet is best suited for a beginner to intermediate player who has a shorter stroke.

Besides the playability in this racquet, some fantastic technology has been put into it. As referenced by the name, this tennis racquet has Organix technology. The Organix material creates a dampening effect. Next, the Optispot Vision System also utilizes some advanced technology. The Optispot Vision System assists you in hitting the ball right on the sweet spot of the racquet. It acts as a visual support and will help you keep a closer eye on the ball. Last but not least, the handle of the tennis racquet has a Bio Sensor Handle System. This technology helps dampen the vibration and impact of the ball.

This racquet is loaded with technology and kept simple in design. It has a mostly black exterior with white lettering and a touch of red, highlighting the Super G grommets. It makes for a very gender neutral option that isn’t too flashy or dull.

All of the racquets features we’ve covered come together to make an efficient, powerful and solid playing racquet that most beginner to intermediate tennis players will both enjoy and benefit from.