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Tennis Racquet Review: Volkl Organix V1 Pro

September 30th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Racquet Review: Volkl Organix V1 Pro

The Volkl Organix V1 Pro tennis racquet is a mixed blessing. A friend who is easily the most knowledgeable person I know with regard to tennis racquets and string and setups; suggested that I hit with the Volkl Organix V1 Pro, with an eye towards possibly switching to this frame. But despite some personal preference issues with this frame, I think that it is an excellent racquet; and should be looked at seriously by players with tennis skills in the 4.0-5.0 plus range.

I try to avoid being excited over cosmetics when I review tennis racquets, but this is a really cool looking frame. It comes in basic black with silver lettering and highlights, and the black grip (a much more sane choice than the white grips that permeate the market and drive grip sales) has a silver foil underlay. The thing just looks and feels like a racquet that one could do some serious damage with and the engineering does not disappoint.

This frame has a 99.5 inches sized head and is the standard 27 inches long. It weighs 11.3 ounces strung and according to Volkl is slightly head light. I found it to be somewhat head heavy both with the standard finger balance test and through about four hours plus of using it to both teach and practice the first day I received the demo.

I really like the feel and balance of this tennis racquet. It is a very easy racquet to produce spin and pace with on groundstrokes, my game is a little flat (okay very flat) and I had a hard time aiming flat groundstrokes precisely. The tennis racquet plays heavy, like an old Wilson Pro Staff tennis racquet or the classic Volkl V-engine back in the day.

It is simply an excellent frame to volley with. The heaviness of the frame makes it possible to redirect the ball which is what all really good volleyers do in tough situations. And I realized hitting with this tennis racquet that is the major reason I have such disdain for so many of the super light frames that are popular today. You simply cannot absorb pace and just turn the ball in a different direction at the net, on a consistent basis, when you are playing with a trampoline.

The Volkl Organix V1 Pro tennis racquet is solid. And it plays that way. It is also the easiest racquet that I have hit with in years and years in terms of being able to serve well with right away. I was able to hit all my spots with spin and with pace. And critically enough I was able to bang the serve extra hard and flat as I often do in tight situations or with big leads in games on second balls, and that ball was going exactly where I wanted it too.

I think for a lot of good players, especially aggressive baseliners and all court players, this is an advanced tennis racquet that will rate a serious look. My own reservations had to do with my shoulder and elbow starting to hurt after I hit with it awhile. I think it is just one of those things, I had a couple of students hit with it and there were zero reports of any discomfort. I liked this frame a lot.