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Tennis Racquet Review: Wilson Steam 105 S

July 9th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Tennis Racquet Review: Wilson Steam 105 S

The tennis racquet Wilson Steam 105 S is composed of a very open string pattern (16/15) to help generate maximum spin potential.  This works great for players who hit the “flat” ball and who are looking to add more spin to their game without having to change their stroke.  This racquet can work for any level of player, but I would not recommend the Wilson Steam 105S to very high tournament level players who produce a lot of spin on their own already.

I create a heavy ball with a lot of spin on my groundstrokes as it is.  I found this open string pattern and spin generating technology in the tennis racquet Wilson Steam 105 S to be way too much for my game.  The ball was flying on me like crazy on my groundstrokes and I could not control the tennis ball when I hit with my full stroke and tried to accelerate.  But when I abbreviated my strokes and slowed down the pace of my shots the racquet really grabbed onto the ball and generated its own spin without me having to try to generate spin.  This tennis racquet just did not work for my normal game though.

The Wilson Steam 105 S performed better for me while I was up at the net and taking volleys.  This tennis racquet is very maneuverable up at the net for quick reaction volleys and also for more feel on the volleys.  I was able to really stick my volleys well with the tennis racquet Wilson Steam 105 S and had an easy time getting my racquet up quick for a fast reaction overhead because of the racquets maneuverability.

I finished up my hit with serves.  I had an easy time hitting my target spots during warm up serves but when I tried to add pace to my serves I had a hard time keeping the ball in the service box.  I think this was due to the lightness of the tennis racquet.  Although I had difficulty putting pace on the serve, I was able to hit great spin serves.  I came up with some incredible out wide slice serves and some great kick serves as well.

All in all I would never think about using this tennis racquet again. However, the tennis racquet Wilson Steam 105 S is perfect for certain players.  Anyone who wants to add more spin to their shots without having to change their stroke would benefit from using the Wilson Steam 105 S.  This racquet is also great for the recreational doubles player because of the tennis racquets maneuverability at the net.

Micah Groom