Tennis shoe for Men Review: Babolat V-Pro 2 All Court

September 16th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Shoe Review: Babolat V-Pro 2 All Court

“Good Not Great”

4 Stars

The Babolat V-Pro 2 All Court tennis shoe is a good option for any level of tennis player, although I would categorize the V-Pro as a tier two quality shoe compared to that of say a Babolat Propulse or Asics Gel-Resolution tennis shoes for example.  There is nothing bad about these pair of shoes, but there is nothing great about them either.  The rest of this review will evaluate the Babolat V-Pro 2 All Court tennis shoe based on four main components: comfortability, foot support, durability and performance.

The Babolat V-Pro 2 All Court is very comfortable with good cushioning, but there is a break in period that these shoes have to go through as they are stiff when new.  Just like any other shoe, the Babolat V-Pro 2 becomes more flexible after some wear but your feet may hurt if you try to play a match right away in these tennis shoes.  The Babolat V-Pro 2 runs wider than the typical tennis shoe so this shoe is a nice option if you like some extra room.

I felt that there is solid foot support in the Babolat V-Pro 2.  There is plenty of lateral stability and my foot feels secure when changing directions quickly in any direction.  The arch support feels very good as well.

The durability of the Babolat V-Pro 2 was, again, good but I wouldn’t say great. Playing five days a week the tennis shoes lasted me just under two months whereas the best tennis shoes for men in terms of durability last me about 2.5 months.  There is plenty of toe drag protection on the Babolat V-Pro as well.

I am happy with the overall performance of the Babolat V-Pro 2 All Court shoe.  This shoe is solid in every category and aspect.  It’s not a great shoe but the Babolat V-Pro 2 is a good shoe.

Micah Groom