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Tennis Shoe Preview: 2016 Babolat Propulse and SFX2

February 2nd, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Shoe Preview: 2016 Babolat Propulse and SFX2

Babolat All Court tennis shoes have proved to be a favorite among both intermediate and advanced tennis players. With the low-profile Propulse BPM offering quick footwork and the supportive SFX2 offering an even more comfortable wear, Babolat offers a shoe for every foot.

2016 Babolat Propulse BPM Tennis Shoes:

The Babolat Propulse tennis shoe has long been known by tennis players for durability and a custom fit through Babolat’s innovative tennis shoe technologies. The 2016 Propulse BPM upgrade will not disappoint fans of this model, as it still features all of the same performance traction but offers enough modifications to make it worth replacing your old Propulse court shoes.

What’s the same:

The 2016 Propulse BPM tennis shoes still comes with minimal break-in time and the 6-month Michelin Outsole Guarantee. Babolat kept the Cell Shield technology in the upper, maintaining the shoes breathability.

As with previous versions, this shoe still tends to run small, so if you are new to the Propulse, call our customer service representatives to make sure you get the right fit the first time.

What’s different:

Constantly innovating Babolat, listening to players’ feedback, considered the importance of a lighter shoe versus the custom fit. In a perfect blend of compromise, the rear FootBelt strap was removed. The upper strap remains, maintaining the custom fit known of this brand, but noticeably reducing the weight of the shoe, even with the additional material on the toe wrap.

One feature play testers have noticed with pleasure, is that the interior toe box was widened, offering a better fit for those looking for a wider shoe.

2016 Babolat SFX2 Tennis Shoes:

Babolat’s SFX All Court tennis shoes received a 2016 upgrade in breathability from the new Active Flexation outsole technology. The Babolat SFX2 still comes with the 6-month outsole guarantee found on all Babolat tennis shoes, and the ultra-supportive Ergo-Motion insole that provides superior comfort and rebound in every step.

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