Prince Women’s Scream 4 Tennis Shoe Review

July 30th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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The Prince Scream 4 women’s tennis shoes are an inexpensive option for female tennis players at any skill level. Although somewhat plain in design, these tennis shoes do have some standout features. They are very durably built with a leather and synthetic material-mix. To help breathability there are mesh underlays which are very beneficial because the synthetic material can make your feet feel extra warm. The upper of these Prince Scream 4 tennis shoes is very accommodating to toe draggers since it has an abrasive-resistant duraskin material over the toe to help combat extra wear. The tongue is padded with mesh to add more comfort and breathability.

The fit of these Prince Scream 4 tennis shoes is different than most other tennis shoes. These are wider tennis shoes than usual, making it perfect for tennis players with wider feet that need a little more room. If it has too much room, you could get extra rubbing so you might need to make some adjustments to prevent that. The length of these tennis shoe are true to size and there is a low arch so breaking in the shoes isn’t necessary. Yet, if the upper feels stiff it may take a few wears to soften it up.

The midsole has an arch support/bridge made of a TPU material. Also, there is extra cushion on the Achilles pad and in the midsole compared to the previous Prince Scream model. The insole of the Scream 4 tennis shoes has a shock eraser which provides great shock absorption in the heel. If you don’t like the insole for some reason, you can easily remove it and use another insole of your choice. These tennis shoes have good torsional support which makes easier any movement your foot will be making while you’re playing.

The outsole of the Prince Scream 4 tennis shoes has the common herringbone pattern to improve stickiness and prevent slipping. The outsole is very durable because it has the trademark Goodyear Max rubber material. Due to the low price, these tennis shoes do not come with a 6 month outsole guarantee.
Compared to the previous version of these tennis shoes, Prince has really lightened them up and enhanced them with more favorable features.

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