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Tennis Shoe Review: Asics Men’s Gel Resolution 5

July 22nd, 2013 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews

Tennis Shoe Review: Asics Men's Gel Resolution 5

I want to start off by saying that the Gel Resolution 5 is my tennis shoe of choice and the best tennis shoes that I have ever used.  This is a review of the Asics Gel Resolution 5 tennis shoe and I will be evaluating the shoe based on three main components: comfortability, foot support and durability.

The Asics tennis shoes - Gel Resolution 5 are one of the most comfortable shoes that I have worn.  I have worn more comfortable tennis shoes, but those shoes did not last me nearly as long as the Gel Resolution 5s do.  I found that the Resolution 5s do not have quite as much cushioning as the Resolution 4s did, but they make up for it in ventilation. My feet would feel very hot in the Resolution 4sm, but I do not have that problem at all with the Resolution 5s.  And, even though the specs of the Resolution 5s say that they are heavier by 0.1 of an ounce than the Resolution 4s, I find that the Resolution 5s feel lighter when I am playing than the Resolution 4s did.  Now, the Resolution 5s do feel stiffer when new than their predecessors did, but the Resolution 5s are still match-ready right out of the box.  They just become even more comfortable with some wear.

I have not had any problems with foot support of any kind with any of the Asics Gel Resolution tennis shoes.  With the Resolution 5s I get great foot support with its I.G.S. caging system which really comes in handy when changing directions quickly.  I also get great foot support in the forefoot as the shoe really wraps around my foot like a glove.  I have never had arch problems, but I have talked to people who have had arch pain before and many have told me that they do not have arch pain with the Asics Resolution tennis shoes.

In terms of durability, these are some of the longest lasting tennis shoes I have owned.  The Adidas Barricade tennis shoes are still the best in terms of durability, but I have found that the Resolution 5s tennis shoes for men last me about 50% longer than most other tennis shoes that I have used.  These shoes are very durable and they also come with the six month outsole guarantee.

The Asics Gel Resolution 5s are the best tennis shoes out on the market in my opinion.  They are top quality in every key component of what makes a good tennis shoe.  The only people that I would not recommend the Gel Resolution 5 tennis shoes to are people with very wide feet as these shoes do not have the widest toe box.  Other than that I would recommend these shoes to everybody.